"a tale of love, heated passion, humor and intrigue"

Adrian Laswell knew he'd been away too long, he also knew he'd blown it big time before leaving. But he knew he had Skyler to come back for, he longed to come home and claim her as his mate. To make things right between them. Unfortunately, the so called golden shifter, had made a huge mistake. He only hoped his Skyler was ready to forgive him and accept his claim on her. He missed her so much, had grown up with her, watched her blossom into the beauty he would call his own. If only she would forgive his transgressions and not fight his claim, because she had no choice, she belonged to him. He only hoped he could convince his love to forgive him before he went into his heat. All shifter male's experience this highly intense phase that puts them into a state of sexual need that only their mates can truly ease, only Skyler will do. And Skyler will, because she was his to claim, if only she'd forgive him, he needed that to be possible. Hopefully, enough time had passed, hopefully her brother had prepared her...well, hopefully anyway.

Skyler Draeger had loved Adrian for as long as she could remember. She looked up to her brother's friend with admiration and adoration. Those feelings had turned into a burning love as she grew to womanhood. Until the day she saw him with another; hurt beyond belief, Skyler grew angry. The only problem, she thought, was seeing the infernal man again; that was until she found out that she had one more very huge problem, a shifter bent on his claim. Adrian Laswell had made a claim on Skyler and taken her as his mate, it was his right. Well, traditions be damned, she wouldn't do it, no matter how desperately she had wanted him in the past. Skyler would not be hurt by that man again. She certainly would not be used to ease the man's heat and need. Let him find that with some other woman and never touch her heart again. As far as Skyler was concerned, his claim meant nothing! She would have no part of him. Too bad Adrian and Skyler will discover that they have other battles to fight as well, not just the battle of wills with each other.

Claiming Skyler is the second book in Jaden Sinclair's Shifter Series, I highly recommend you read this series. It's my opinion that this series is really best read in order, rather than as a stand alone book. I can say the first book, Stefan's Mark, was well worth reading and that Claiming Skyler is by no means going to disappoint you. Ms. Sinclair can weave a tale of love, heated passion, humor and intrigue that keeps you going. Her characters are passionate and really draw the reader into the story. The one thing I can guarantee you with a Jaden Sinclair book is a very good time, a very hot and steamy good time that is. I highly recommend this series, if you love shifters as much as I do, you will adore this book! Jaden has a very unique take on her shifters, and it's one I really enjoy. Congratulations to Ms. Sinclair on creating another entertaining read.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted September 26, 2008


**A PNR Staff Top Pick**

She has watched him from afar, thinking of him as her knight in shinning armor, but when her heart gets broken, Skyler Draeger discovers there isnít much to her fairy tale.

Adrian Laswell made a big mistake one night and it seems an even bigger one when he makes his claim on Skyler. He lets a few months go by before he reappears in her life only to discover that claiming Skyler isnít going to be as easy as he imagined.

An old saying goes that there is nothing worse than a woman scorned, only a man has no concept of that until he comes face to face with a shifter female. Now the battle of wills is on and a shadow lurks over their shoulders. Can Adrian mend Skyler's broken heart, or will his mistake prevent her from loving him forever?

Genre: Erotic Werewolf Romance
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Hot - Love scenes are many and fully-detailed and include language that may be offensive to some.

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Claiming Skyler
(Shifter: Book 2)
by Jaden Sinclair

Amira Press
September 1, 2008
Available: September 26, 2008
ISBN #1934475963
EAN #9781934475966
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