"The plot twists and turns through death, discovery, betrayal and love"

Andrew and Anna, a brother and sister in their early twenties, find out one evening that they will move to a new planet in two weeks. Once there, they and 98 "transfer" others will marry 100 male and female volunteers from the planet Garr; whose women have become sterile due to germline manipulation. Germline manipulation is the science of modifying genes that will affect not only an individual but future generations as well. And no, they don't get to pick who they marry; that decision was made based on genetics. Anna will marry Traun, the High Commander of the new world.

Traun ends his two-year relationship with Avreen before leaving Garr to meet his new lifemate, Anna, but Avreen schemes to become one of the Garr volunteers to go to the new planet. Who will end up with whom and how they get there is the tale Zequeatta Jaques spins.

In this debut novel, Ms. Jaques clearly demonstrates a wonderful imagination. The plot twists and turns through death, discovery, betrayal and love. I found the story a bit slow in the beginning, but it picked up pace but for a few parts in the middle. We get to know Anna and Andrew; Anna's best friend, Charlee; Traun; Avreen; Nevin, Avreen's new lifemate; and George and Molly, the couple from Garr who raised Anna and Andrew. And follow trials and tribulations amongst them all. The plot is a complex weave involving many of the characters, while some situations are a bit contrived, it works as a whole. They are likeable characters, and the reader wants the best for them. I will be looking forward to the sequel she is currently writing, tentatively titled Always and Forever, a spin-off from Loving Anna.

Reviewed by Katherine Petersen
Posted September 25, 2008


Anna didn't believe in UFOs or life on other planets until one fateful summer evening when she and her brother, Andrew, learned from the loving couple who have raised them that they are descendants of not only their human parents, but of a people from another world. Anna and Andrew, shocked and stunned by the revelation, must follow their hearts.

Join them on their cosmic journey as they travel from earth to another world and enter a turbulent time in which decisions made lead them to heartache, loss, and eventual understanding that love conquers all.

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Loving Anna
by Zequeatta Jaques

October 1, 2008
Available: October 3, 2008
ISBN #160601062X
EAN #9781606010624
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