"Heartwarming medieval tale!"

Matilda grew up in the village of Wroxton with her family. Now that she's reached marriageable age, the earl has promised Matilda to one of his knights—Sir Loric. Sir Loric is noted for being a beast of a man and Matilda will do whatever she can to get out of the marriage—including pretending to be married to her cousin William. Now in the process of packing all of her things to take with her to Caelfield—where William lives—Matilda feels guilty for pulling her cousin into her problems. So she promises herself to do the best she can to be a good wife for William, even if they won't be consummating their "marriage". William is a widower and was deeply in love with his wife. Once in Caelfield, William shows her his home, and Matilda is pleasantly surprised by how nice it is. And so Matilda begins to settle into her life in Caelfield.

Lord Geoffrey is the baron over the village of Caelfield. While out with his overseer, he happens to catch a glimpse of Matilda. When the overseer tells Geoff she is William's new wife, he decides to pay a visit to his woodcutter. William is surprised by the visit from his baron, but introduces Matilda, who then sits at the table and says not a word. For some reason, Geoff just has to have Matilda and so demands first night rights, knowing it will create problems. After their night is over, Geoff still can't get Matilda out of his thoughts. Knowing he cannot marry Matilda since he must marry a highborn Norman woman with a dowry, he offers to make her his mistress. Matilda refuses.

Then Sir Loric shows up in Caelfield to claim his bride.

Will Sir Loric be able to claim Matilda? Will there be a fight between Sir Loric and Geoff? Who will win? What will Matilda do? Will she grab her one chance at happiness with Geoff, even though he cannot offer her marriage? Or will she remain with William as his pretend wife?

MATILDA'S SONG is a story of love, loyalty and betrayal. JoAnn Smith Ainsworth has written a very realistic story of life back in the days after the Normans defeated the Saxons in medieval England. One thing I really liked about this story is the fact it isn't about lords and ladies, instead it tells a tale of a common born woman living in a village and just how much control she doesn't have over her own life. Even so, Matilda makes friends with other villagers, does her best to keep William happy and still manages to find some joy each and every day. The attraction between Matilda and Geoff is strong, but still Matilda knows she cannot give in to it and constantly fights it. If you enjoy a good medieval tale, don't miss this one.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 24, 2008


Duty requires sacrifice…but the heart will not be denied.

At the time, pretending marriage to her middle-aged widower cousin seemed like the best way to escape a politically motivated betrothal to a brutal knight. Now, her journey toward a new life has landed her in hot water—she’s been waylaid by a local Norman baron who’s mistaken her for a real bride. And he demands First Night rights.

Hot water turns to steam in a scalding night of passion…passion she has never known. And now must live without.

Lord Geoffrey is entranced at first sight of the Anglo-Saxon beauty, and finds that one night in her arms is not nearly enough. But all he can offer the low-born Matilda is a life in the shadows—as his mistress.

Her head warring with her heart, Matilda resigns herself to her duty in a masquerade of a marriage. It’s a choice that could cost her life.

For the knight who first sought her hand is back with murder on his mind. Now it’s Geoff who’s faced with the ultimate choice: which is more precious…his estates or the love of the one woman who can heal his soul?

Genre: Historical Romance

Warning: This title contains the following: a Norman baron who teaches an Anglo-Saxon beauty the medieval mambo in the bedroom. Men fight to the death for this lady’s honor.

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Matilda's Song
by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Samhain Publishing
September 1, 2008
Available: September 16, 2008
ISBN #1605041955
EAN #9781605041957
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