"The tortured Immortal Tain's much awaited tale"

Fifteen months prior Samantha Taylor, a half human - half demon witch and detective for the Paranormal division of the Los Angeles police force had helped to save the Immortal Tain from the sadistic clutches of one of her own kind, an Old One know as Kekhsut (THE GATHERING). In doing so she had helped to restore the balance between life and death magic in the world and fallen hopelessly in love with the half crazed Immortal. Unfortunately Tain had needed to restore his own balance and she had not seen him since that fateful day. In her heart she'd known that after what he'd suffered at the hand of the ancient demon that he'd never be able to tolerate the death magic that was a part of her. She'd left Seattle and had gone home to do what she did best, investigate crimes involving Paranormals.

Samantha's current assignment is as a decoy in a demon bar owned by Merrick a member of her father's demon clan. She hopes to charm the owner into revealing the club's use of Mindglow, an illegal demon date rape drug which left the demon's victims pliable and unable to resist the stealing of their life essence. Unfortunately just when she is certain that success is imminent, the club is stormed by demons of a warring clan and a seemly harmless derelict rises to the challenge -- Tain! It's no secret that Tain hates demons and not certain if he would bother to make a distinction between the good guys and the bad, she jumps into the fray.

Something deeper than date crime is going on in the demon world and there are those among the human kind who want revenge for the events of the previous year. Samantha and Tain both know that balance needs to be maintained or the world would be unmade. Young demon prostitutes are being brutally murdered, their hearts ripped out and sent back to their clans. The victims' clans are blaming each other. If the crimes cannot be solved a demon war is imminent. This new investigation exposes Samantha to both life and death magic extremists, the head of the Lamiah demon clan (her paternal great-grandmother) and Mrs. Townsend leader of the No More Nightmares group who endorses death to all death magic creatures.

Tain discovers portals to a demon realm in both the Lamiah Matriarch's home and a location used by the No More Nightmare's group and believes the demon hearts are being used as a sacrifice to attract another Old One, Bahkat. The deaths haven't stopped with the prostitutes and when the highest ranking Lamiah demon is found murdered as well as Mrs. Townsend's assistant, damning evidence surfaces that points to Tain as the culprit. There's no question that Samantha loves Tain with all her heart but can she trust him or has his mind been so twisted that his view of demons will always be warped? But if he's been set up, then she has bigger problems -- because then Tain was in big trouble and she was the bait! The whole thing is further complicated when Samantha is put up for the new leader of her father's clan and she must decide whether to right their world and lose the man she loves, or walk away leaving them in chaos to have him. Will Tain at long last find his redemption?

Poor Tain, it was too much to hope that his trials had ended with Kehksut's death. But have no fear, as always love will win the day. The young half Sidhe Immortal Mac, who we first met in THE AWAKENING, is the next to find love in THE CROSSING. Wondering about Samantha's mysterious werewolf partner Logan? It looks like we'll finally have his story, Jennifer Ashley's "Wolf Hunt" novella. in THE RECKONING anthology. Tain's story was well worth the wait, and I recommend strongly that you read the first four novels that lead up to THE REDEEMING first. Only by knowing what Tain has suffered will this story have a full impact.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 15, 2008


A Multi-Author Series

**A PNR Staff Recommended Read**

For centuries they have walked among us--vampires, shape-shifters, the Celtic Sidhe, demons, and other magical beings. Their battle to reign supreme is constant, but one force holds them in check, a race of powerful warriors known as the IMMORTALS.

He is going to take her. And it won't be gentle. After all, the last 700 years of torture and captivity haven't been gentle on Tain. This woman, this half-demon who leaves him burning with desire, is pretty tough herself. She needs to be, for the world is not safe for demon-kind these days. A violent backlash has disrupted the balance of power, and now Tain finds he may have to rescue the dark ones instead of fight them. He feels compelled to protect the alluring Samantha--whether she wants him to or not--but all he can think of is seduction. Ultimately, she'll either destroy him or bring exactly what he needs most...THE REDEEMING.

Other books in the series:

Book 1: The Calling by Jennifer Ashley
Book 2: The Darkening by Robin T. Popp
Book 3: The Awakening by Joy Nash
Book 4: The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley
Book 5: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley
Book 6: The Crossing by Joy Nash
Book 7: The Haunting by Robin T. Popp - October 2008
Book 8: The Reckoning (anthology) by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, Robin T. Popp - March 2009

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The Redeeming
(Immortals: Book 5)
by Jennifer Ashley

Love Spell
August 1, 2008
Available: August 26, 2008
ISBN #0505527456
EAN #9780505527455
368 pages
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