"Parnormal Fans, this is a Must Read!"

Lanie Weber is a volunteer firefighter and EMT. She finds out her father, who is a researcher, has been killed in the Amazon by the creature he's been researching. Mac Knight, a veteran pilot her `Uncle Charles' trusts will fly her into the Amazon jungle and take her to the research lab. What they find on the tapes horrifies Lanie, making her believe vampires do exist and her father isn't dead but somehow involved.

Mac is a retired Navy Seal and has worked special ops, but nothing could prepare him for the face off with a creature of legends. When Mac is bitten by the creature, Lanie uses her EMT training to keep him alive until help reaches them. Mac heals quickly—too quickly, leaving Lanie to wonder what changes Mac's body is going through. They work together to track down the vampires who have headed for the States with a diabolical plan. The attraction between Lanie and Mac becomes unbearable. Lanie is not sure if she should fear him or give into the passion that seems to ignite whenever he touches her? Mac is afraid he may hurt Lanie, but being with her seems so right.

This was a great read with adventure, suspense, horror and romance—Something for everyone. The characters are likeable, the plot enthralling with its twist on the old vampire stories. Paranormal fans, this is a must read!

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted September 13, 2008



Lanie Weber isn't afraid of danger. As a volunteer firefighter, this seemingly mild-mannered librarian has faced life-or-death situations before-and survived. But she has no idea what's waiting for her in the dark Amazon jungles…in the staring eyes of a mysterious statue…and in the strong arms of a seductive stranger.


Veteran pilot Mac Knight has vowed to help Lanie find out what has happened to her scientist father. But at Dr. Weber's secret research lab, they find only five dead bodies-and a bloodsucking creature believed to live solely in legends. The nightmare, however, is real. When Mac is attacked and bitten, Lanie fights to keep him alive. When he presses his lips to her throat, she yields to his touch. And when his teeth graze her flesh, she hungers for more…



Out of the Night
(Night Slayer: Book 1)
by Robin T. Popp

Warner Books (Forever)
September 1, 2005
ISBN #0446616265
EAN #9780446616263
368 pages
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