"Gods, Legends and Passion!"

Cytharea, godkin, daughter of Aphrodite, is irresistible to mortal man. Not only that, but she must feed from the sexual energy of man or she will die. She has spent years as a captive of one man or another, because once a mortal man has had her, he will not willingly give her up. Raymond du Sable has heard the rumors of Cytharea, and finally, he has found her. Now, he must steal her from her current captive, because she is the key and his weapon to overthrow the King of France.

Gerard d'Amiers is a Templar Knight, hired to transport Cytharea to France, untouched and safe. Gerard was chosen because he is the only man who can resist Cytharea and her charms. When Gerard finds that he cannot resist Cytharea and allow her to die, can he forgive himself of his sin? Upon reaching France, Gerard's faith and vows are again at stake. Will he follow his vows and faith or the love and passion he feels for Cytharea?

Immortal Lust is set centuries ago, in 1191. The plot was simple, yet intriguing to think that any woman would endure what Cytharea has endured for centuries. Ms. Dafoe did an excellent job of letting me get to know the characters and their thoughts and feelings; enough so that I could not only feel compassion for Cytharea, but also for Gerard. He was hurt so very deeply years ago and turned his back on women. He has a major struggle with himself before he gives in to Cytharea, because he must choose between her and her life, and his own faith and vows. The feelings between these two characters were an almost palpable thing and really drew me in. If you enjoy hot sex coupled with an intriguing paranormal story, this is a must- read for you.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted September 13, 2008


A Multi-Author Series

They are children of the gods. Half-immortal, yet never whole. Until they find the one they burn to possess for all eternity…

For years, Raymond du Sable has chased rumors of a woman shrouded in legend, a woman of unearthly, hypnotic beauty. Finally, on Crusade, he finds her. She is Cytharea, daughter of Aphrodite, irresistible to mortal man — and Raymond's key to grasping the throne of France. To transport her there safely, Raymond hires a Templar Knight, Gerard d'Amiers. Sworn to chastity, Gerard has a deep mistrust of women, born of the infidelity of his boyhood love. Yet Cytharea stirs him in a way no woman ever has. And Cytharea herself is battling a deadly imperative — she must feed from the sexual energy of a man soon, or die.

Together, Gerard and Cytharea discover a passion so overpowering it shakes the very foundations of Gerard's faith. Upon reaching France, he must either abandon every vow he's ever made — or lose Cytharea to the abusive ambitions of a madman.

Genre: Vampire
Book Length: Novella

  1. Wicked Omen by Sherrill Quinn (Book 1)
  2. Immortal Lust by Sierra Dafoe (Book 2)
  3. Taming the Madman by Anna J. Evans (Book 3 - coming September 2008)
  4. Tera's Awakening by Kelly Maher (Book 4 - coming October 2008)

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Immortal Lust
(Dark Pantheon: Book 2)
by Sierra Dafoe

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2008
Available: August 28, 2008
ISBN #1419917765
EAN #9781419917769
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