"Outrageous and Campy"

Katelyn Hunt can't stop staring. Lately a dark-haired stranger has been frequenting her New Age shop and she just can't seem to take her eyes off of him. She would give anything to take this man home for a night of hot, "no strings attached" love making! As a seer, Katelyn has always been different...and being different has taught her to keep her emotions in check. She will never surrender herself to any man, but when she experiences the sensual touch of the sexy stranger in a vision, she realizes that some things are beyond her control.

Grayson de Klatch is the Seventh Prince of Klatch on the Planet Tador. He has come to Earth in search of the seer who will participate in the sacred triangle ceremony. Tador is a living planet that thrives on sexual energy, but a brutal civil war has left much of it destroyed and it will continue to deteriorate unless the Royal family can figure out a way to stop it. The triangle ceremony may be the only way to save the planet, but time is running out. Grayson's enemies stand to gain plenty from Tador's destruction and they will ruthlessly stop at nothing to capture and claim the valuable seer.

When Katelyn and Grayson finally meet, sparks fly (literally) and passion ignites. Can Katelyn learn to let down her guard and allow herself to love the man of her dreams? Can Grayson protect Katelyn from those who seek to destroy her? And will his failure to disclose the truth about the sacred ceremony ultimately cause Katelyn to flee him and Tador forever?

VISION OF SEDUCTION is a provocative tale that takes place in an erotic fantasy world. Described as a vibrant planet where inhabitants are sexually fluid and uninhibited, Tador is the perfect setting for paranormal erotica -- but unfortunately Cassie Ryan doesn't quite pull it off. From the outrageous sex rituals to the dubious name that the enemy goes by...not to mention the pink laser beams, this book delivers more shock and comic relief than romance. The fast pace and a dreadfully wicked villainess may keep readers engaged long enough to see Grayson and Katelyn obtain their happily ever after, otherwise I would only suggest this title to readers who don't mind lots of "campiness" mixed in with their romance.

Reviewer's note: This book contains elements that some readers may find objectionable: Explicit sexual content, ménage (m/f/m), exhibitionism, voyeurism, group sex, same sex intercourse (m/m & f/f), anal intercourse, implied rape, violence, and bondage.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted September 6, 2008


From A Vision Of Passion…

Katelyn Hunt is fascinated with the sexy stranger who has been hanging out at her New Age store for the last week. As a Seer, the sensual power she feels from this man of mystery intrigues—and arouses—her. But only his touch allows her to truly see what it would be like to lie beneath him naked and exposed, experiencing complete sexual surrender. And this vision is just the beginning…

To A World Of Pleasure…

As Prince of an otherworldly clan who use sexual energy as their life-force, Grayson de Klatch has searched far and wide for the Seer who can help save his planet. And when he finally finds Katelyn, he knows he has discovered his future mate. His body craves the sex her body so willingly offers and he aches with the need to make this woman his own…

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Psychic, Fantasy

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Vision Of Seduction
(Seduction: Book 2)
by Cassie Ryan

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
July 1, 2008
Available: July 29, 2008
ISBN #0758220669
EAN #9780758220660
256 pages
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