"flawed, but entertaining"

Medical Officer, Dr. Anya Rambo knew in her gut something was amiss the day an unidentifiable object collided with Staging Platform 13. Though it seemed to pose no immediate threat, Anya suspected that the coffin-like object was far more dangerous than it appeared. Long missions away from home can take its toll on anyone, but when the female crewmembers all started experiencing the same sensual dream, Anya decided to investigate. Was the alien object the cause of this strange phenomenon?

Legion was the last of his kind. He had travelled eons alone without contact with other life forms. His energy had been almost depleted. Clinging to the smallest spark of life, Legion was near insanity from surviving for so long amid the dark nothingness of space and time. Deprived of sensation and contact with other beings, Legion barely recognized the strange emotion that gripped him the moment he saw Anya -- Desire. She was the one. His destined mate. And he would have her...if only he could eliminate the annoying presence of another male, Zavier.

Perhaps Legion wasn't the last of this kind after all.

LEGION was expanded from an original short novella, and unfortunately it shows. Described as a story that features 2 heroes, Hero #2 (Zavier) shows up much too late in the story. Zavier does little to earn his "hero" status and this reader struggled to understand his appeal to anyone, including Anya. Zavier provides much needed conflict in the story, but really does nothing more than offer a slight contrast to Legion's character (Hero #1) and ramp up the sexual play of the story. Dropped subplots and the omission of a clear conclusion add frustration to an otherwise intriguing tale.

Anjou does manage to do a great job establishing a futuristic universe and it would be interesting to see what she is capable of creating if given more space to tell the story. Despite the wayward plot and problematic execution, LEGION is an entertaining, sensual read.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted September 6, 2008


As certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was more dangerous than any force in the universe, she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her, struggling uselessly against his determination to win her as his mate.

She was lost long before she discovered he’d lied to her even as he seduced her. His world and his people might have been lost to him, but he was certainly not alone … And Zavier was just as powerful, just as arrogant, and just as determined to claim her.


Genre: Futuristic Romance
Lenght: Mid Novel
Sensuality: Carnal

Rating — Carnal. Contains two heroes, explicit sex, graphic language, and ménage a trois. <

Note: Expanded from the novella, Pleasure Master previously released in the anthology Phoenix Rising II.

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by Angelique Anjou

New Concepts Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 4, 2008
ISBN #1603941487
EAN #9781603941488
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