"Scorching hot...will leave you gasping for air!"

Book Three in Series

Princess Nella of Ariel is on the run. Kidnapped from her family, Nella resisted a man who tried to force her to Bond with him. When Nella managed to escape her captor, he unleashed an army of assassin bots programmed to terminate her on sight. Unable to establish contact with her family, Nella fled to another planet - Bor Narga. Despite her best efforts to stay safe, Nella soon found herself trapped in an alley with an assassin bot hell bent on taking her out - and a Level Three Shareem. She never would have guessed that the man with the deep blue eyes would be the more dangerous of the two.

Rio had plans to leave the planet. As a Level Three Shareem, he is genetically enhanced and programmed to pleasure women as the ultimate Dom. True to his programming, he never travels without his whip and handcuffs. When the government shut down DNAmo twenty years ago, Rio and the other Shareem were forced to live as second class citizens in a world that despises them for what they were designed to be. Tired of being harassed by patrollers and subjected to "special restrictions," Rio was set to illegally flee Bor least that was the plan until he had an unfortunate run-in with an assassin bot.

Rio manages to use his strength and intelligence to outsmart the assassin bot, but Nella is accidentally injured in the process. Rio's quick actions save Nella's life and he vows to help her return to her family. Used to being nothing more than a sexual toy, Rio knows the dangers of falling in love...yet the thought of Nella leaving stirs an ache in him that he can't deny. Suddenly, he finds himself wanting something more. But he is Shareem, and that means he is not meant to have a happily ever after.

Nella doesn't trust anyone, yet she feels herself inexplicably drawn to Rio who has made it his mission to teach her the ultimate lesson in trust -- By convincing her to willingly submit to him. Rio frightens her and he frees her. In his arms she finds comfort and release like she's never known, but are her feelings real or is she simply under the spell of the Shareem? Nella ponders the questions as she feels the beginnings of the Bond forming with Rio. Rio may be teaching Nella about trust, but can Nella teach Rio about love?

In this third installment of the Tales of the Shareem series, RIO shows that bad boys need love too. Unapologetic, yet playful in his relentless pursuit of sexual dominance, Rio is the kind of character you will love in spite of yourself. He is easily the star of the series. Nella is a tad bland next to the sexual vortex that is Rio, but as a Rubenesque beauty she makes a perfect unconventional heroine for a guy who is anything but ordinary. RIO's story is scorching hot and will leave readers gasping for air...(not to mention curious about that whip of his!) This is not a warm and fuzzy romance, but it is a love story that works well in the erotic universe that Allyson James has created.

Reviewer's note: This book contains elements that some readers may find objectionable: Explicit sexual content, ménage (m/f/m), exhibitionism, spanking, voyeurism, bondage, and anal intercourse.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted September 6, 2008


Rio. A Level Three Shareem complete with black leather, handcuffs and a whip.

Genetically programmed to provide every woman's wildest fantasy, Rio is the ultimate Dom. His bad-boy smile and Shareem-blue eyes can make the most frigid woman fall to her knees and beg him to be gentle.

But not too gentle.

Nella, Princess of Ariel, has never heard of Shareem. She sees Rio only as the man who rescues her from assassination and who hides her until she can get back to her family. A friend.

But Rio can't fight his programming, and before long he's taking the sexy princess aside to give her some very interesting lessons in trust…never dreaming she's giving him lessons in love.

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(Tales of the Shareem: Book 3)
by Allyson James

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2006
Available: March 1, 2006
ISBN #141990566X
EAN #9781419905667
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