"a mix of excitement, love and history"

Selena Morgan woke up in the hallway. In pain. Lots and lots of pain. Taken to the hospital from her fire-ravaged apartment, she has been left unattended with severe burns. Infection sets in. After a 3-week coma, she begins to improve and finally is ready to leave the hospital under the care of her friend/agent Sarah.

After settling into her new apartment, Selena goes shopping for furniture, art and other items she has lost. Among them, a flute that had been given to her by her brother before his death. She stops at a small stall and finds the most beautiful instrument she has ever seen - a handcrafted oak flute from the Isles.

Read on as Selena finds herself the target of her demented relatives, as she meets her handsome Gaelic bodyguard and as Time itself adds a hand to the mix of excitement, love and history. A well done book worthy of many more like it!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted August 30, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Top Pick**

A sexy ghost, a beautiful woman, and...oh yeah, a Psycho Killer out to get her. What else can happen?

Selena Morgan is a well respected Author, a survivor of a brutal childhood, a year in a Tibetan prison camp, and she rides a Harley. Everything is going fine...except for one minor, little problem. There’s a psychotic kill whose already tried to kill her, twice. What next?

Ian Hunter, aka Ian Chattan, is… well...a ghost. A Guardian with a mission—protect Selena Morgan at all costs. There’s just one thing. Selena has the Sight to see what he truly is. He also knows what she can do.

Together, with a bloody killer after them, they must run for their lives, or Life as the case may be. From Seattle to LA and into the mysterious Ancestral home of the Chattan clan. Can Selena and Ian contain the fires of desire that burns them both? Or will the conflagration consume them like the Beltane Fire.


Subjects: Paranormal, Romance-Erotic

Publisher Note: Warning: This is an adult book, please store your files away from little eyes.

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Beltane Fire
by Diane Taylor

Firedrakes Weyr
May 1, 2008
Available: May 1, 2008
ISBN #0981481981
EAN #9780981481982
140 pages
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