"Five Immortal brothers, Five Witches and Five Goddess must now gather to defeat an ancient Demon"

The last of the Immortal warriors, Hunter often tagged "the crazy one" has just woken from a three-some. He liked to have fun and these days his fun was never serious, just a good time and a good-bye in the morning. He'd been awakened by the house cat which had been scratching around for food. The next thing he experiences was pain as The Calling pulled at him. And then it stopped. One minute he was feeding a domestic kitty in Minnesota and the next he's on a Californian island just off the coast of Mexico and in the lion's den (literally).

Leda Stowe is a witch whose element is air (Amber's is earth, Lexi's fire, and Christine's is water -- see where this is going?). Until recently she'd been a member of the Coven of Light but had done the unthinkable, experimenting with death magic to save her terminally ill husband. The Coven hadn't appreciated her success and neither had her husband. Twice rejected, she focused on her animal rescue vocation on the deserted island with one her current projects a bear named Taro soon to be relocated to the wilds in Japan and a lion who'd been tortured by a Mexican drug runner, that she'd named Mukasa. His fate was still uncertain.

Estranged from the Coven, Leda had not participated in the Calling. Still it seems each of the warriors had been sent to the place they were most needed. Imagine Leda's surprised to find a half naked Immortal warrior in her lion's pen. Even more surprising was the fact that Mukasa, who didn't trust any other human besides her, didn't seem to mind his presence in the least. It soon becomes clear that Hunter has an affinity for animals in addition to beautiful women and Leda certainly falls into that category.

After telling her that the lion would prefer to roam the island to being caged, he suggests a little activity for them as well, much to the consternation of Leda's partner who had been giving her space to recover from her divorce. Naught boy!

Leda is definitely attractive, and soon learns that Hunter has a sad story of his own. He'd loved once, very deeply. He'd married a mortal woman and had given her two children. Then the uber demon (the very same that was now draining the world of life magic, although he doesn't yet know this) had killed his little family. His wife had died for him and his babies had followed. He would never allow anyone to do that for him again. He became determined to be a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy from that day on. This is how he copes. But if he were ever to love again the woman would be exactly like Leda.

The demon presence descends on Leda's island. Leda thinks that the demon essence within her has drawn it but Hunter knows it is he who the demon is after and sends it packing. All in a day's work and the minute the threat is over he's back to angling for sex.

Leda's soul had been tainted by her bargain with the demon and she fears what that would do to him if she were to succumb to his charm. Hunter informs her that he can remove the blackness -- through sex of course! This mean she has to trust him implicitly. Fortunately it works for as he later tells her, had it not he would have had to kill her.

Nope Hunter had no love for demons so when Leda's half demon, half witch pal Samantha comes to her for help in locating her mother who has disappeared, Hunter is not inclined to trust her. Like the vampires who have allied with his brothers Samantha contains death magic but is not evil. And though there is no love lost between her and her father it soon becomes readily apparent that the demon is deeply in love with his mortal wife, just as Hunter had been. Samantha also explains the reason for the Calling.

Before Leda can consider what to do next, she has to round up Mukasa who Hunter has given free reign of the island. When they find him, they also discover that magical creatures also share the island with them, water spirits known as the Undine. Dyanne tells her that as the life magic in the world diminishes her people have been dying. She implores Hunter to employ his powers to heal them. Not knowing of Tain's plight he tells her to ask him as he is the healer among the five brothers. Her response is cryptic. She tells him that he will find his brother and once he does he will have to choose a path. Each will be painful but a choice must be made. She tells Leda she must choose a path as well. Hunter tells her that while he is willing to go forth and find out what is happening, he won't allow her to leave until the world is safe again. Imagine her consternation. However when she awakes in the middle of the night, she finds Hunter down by the sea communing with his mother Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction -- and creation. Kali tells him of Tain's plight and the need for all the brothers to unite to save him. She too talks to him of choices and sacfice. The Goddess takes her leave with a command to Leda to be good to her son.

Leda feels she has no choice but to leave Hunter behind on the island to care for her animals and casts a sleep spell upon him so that she can slip away to L.A. to help Samantha unchallenged. He'd planned to use the animals as an excuse to leave her behind, but now the tables have been turned and Hunter is not about to allow her to go into danger alone. Mukasa wants to go with him and when the Undine promises to take care of the bear while he's gone, he is able to leave with a clear conscience.

Suffice it to say that after quite a bit of action Hunter and Leda make it to Amber and Adrian in Seattle. Darius and Kalen who had also been on their way were apparently not so lucky and the two remaining Immortals fear that the demon now possesses three of their brothers instead of one. In spite of the fact that it's readily apparent that the fulfillment of the demons evil plan requires that all five be together, they also realize that they must be together to defeat the menace. Hunter and Adrian must now find a way to join their brothers without the Old One's knowledge. As Kali had imparted to Leda success would require them all -- five Immortals, five witches and five Goddesses to bring down the ancient demon. Who will the fifth witch be and what must they all do to restore Tain to sanity and destroy the demon? Yes, there is a resolution which is most satisfying, but the story is not finished. Four new tales are on the way.

THE GATHERING is filled with deep emotion, the passion of each pair of lovers, loyal though often unlikely friendships, maternal and brotherly love edged with action and suspense, a plethora of magical creatures and best of all a touch of humor. Hunter puts me to mind of a number of Sandra Hill's naughty but oh so sexy Viking heroes. Wouldn't it be great to see a Norse Immortal show up in a future tale. Hm that's an intriguing thought.

Ah well, Tain's much awaited story THE REDEEMING is next and the reader will have a good idea who his mate will be by the end of THE GATHERING. I can't wait to see how that's going to work and of course what Cerridwen, his mother is going to say about that.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 20, 2008


He was known as "the crazy one." And Leda Stowe could see why after finding the stunning half-naked warrior in her lion's pen--unarmed and completely unafraid. Though he could somehow soothe the temperamental beast, nothing could calm the desire that sparked through her body at his touch. She wished they could hide away together on her island forever, but the world thrummed with danger. Before Leda could claim Hunter for herself, they would have to join the other Immortals to face the greatest trial yet: THE GATHERING.

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The Gathering
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Love Spell
August 1, 2007
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