"the Carpathians battle for survival"

Brought up in the cruel world of Xavier, an ancient mage who happens to be not only evil but also her grandfather, Lara Calladine's childhood holds nothing but tormented memories of pain and terror. She is a rare Dragonseeker and hails from a powerful line of mages. After her aunts, who are also being held captive by the psychotic mage, help her escape when she's eight years old; Lara spends the rest of her life on the run, trying to blend in with the humans, yet always on the lookout for Xavier. She now spends her days and nights as one of the foremost experts on ice caves. After her exploration takes her to the Carpathian Mountains, Lara realizes she must now face her terrifying past.

Nicolas De La Cruz knows he can no longer tolerate his lonely existence nor the incessant pull of his ever- increasing dark side and has decided to face the rising sun. But as one last service to his people, he has travelled from his home in South America to the Carpathian Mountains to deliver bad news to Mikhail, the prince of the Carpathian people. While on this trip he runs into the spirited Lara Calladine.

Nicolas is very determined that Lara will live the life fitting of a Carpathian lifemate, which means no more hunting for her aunts or her father and keeping herself out of harm's way. Lara is a very independent woman raised in the modern age and has little tolerance of Nicolas and his controlling caveman ways.

Never really sure if her memories are fully factual or something that she made up to help her through her traumatic childhood, Lara is determined to go back to the ice caves of her youth to see if her aunts really did exist. And if so, can she save them? However, there are far more sinister plans at work and if the Carpathian people are to survive, then Nicolas and Lara must find a way to work together in an effort to stop Xavier.

I've been reading Ms. Feehan's books for years now and I love the new angle that she has taken the series in with the last few books. It breathed a breath of fresh air into what was becoming a somewhat stagnant series. I thoroughly enjoyed this newest addition to the Dark series and I love that we are seeking more answers into the Dragonseeker and mage lines. And since I have been reading this series for some time, I love that she manages to keep older characters around with lots of interaction. Every time I pick-up a book, it's like catching up with old friends again. I think both new and old readers of the series will find this Dark Curse a true delight to read.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted August 18, 2008


A Carpathian Novel



**A PNR Recommended Read**

Lara Calladine is haunted by childhood memories of being held prisoner in an ice cave and kept sane by the whispered stories told to her by her imprisoned aunts. They instilled mage and Carpathian magic deep within her and then helped her escape. She has spent years searching for the cave in hopes of finding the answers to the riddle of her past as well as finding her aunts who may have given their lives saving her.

Nicolas De La Cruz has returned to the Carpathian Mountains--his homeland--on orders from his eldest brother, Zacarias, to bring news of a conspiracy to the prince of their people. He is weary of his long existence and plans to end it away from his brothers where they will be unable to stop him once he has fulfilled his duty.

Lara and Nicolas paths collide in an explosive adventure that rocks the Carpathian world.

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Vampire; Shapeshifter

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Dark Curse
(Dark: Book 19)
by Christine Feehan

Berkley Pub Group
September 1, 2008
Available: September 2, 2008
ISBN #0425223434
EAN #9780425223437
416 pages
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