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Kicking off episode five of the Drake Sisters series, author Feehan brings to her fans another exciting adventure featuring the fifth magical sister, super model Hannah Drake and her childhood love Jonas Harrington. In spite of her remarkable beauty Hannah is and always has been panic stricken in crowds. There has always been a special connection between Jonas Harrington, longtime family friend and Hannah, only neither ever admitted it until now. Jonas had a revelation after surving wounds in a case involving Russian mobsters. Without Hannah's special powers helping him to escape he would have been killed. It finally made Jonas realize he couldn't hide his longing for Hannah any longer, nor could she -- the special bond that existed between them was just too strong. After giving Jonas her heart, body and soul, Hannah planned to honor her next modeling assignment but it would be her last before she gave it all up. Regrettably at the party held after the annual Fashion Week gig a madman wielding a deadly knife brutally attacked and slashed Hannah to within an inch of her life on live TV. Jonas would have to convince Hannah that her disfigurement was not who she was, while he and her sisters tried to keep her safe from more attempts on her life.

*** Just the concept alone of seven paranormally gifted sisters, living in a living, breathing house was enough to enrapture me with the very first book (MAGIC IN THE WIND) featuring the eldest sister Sarah. Since then I have found enormous pleasure in each of the sisters books as one after another find their soul mates in consecutive exciting espionage type adventures. Each book has had the ability to bring me to the edge of the seat in nail biting adventures and life and death scenarios and SAFE HARBOR is not an exception. Sweet and shy Hannah's attack was one of the most terrifying episodes to date and her journey back after that attack was extremely emotional showing enormous strength and unconditional love and faith. To me, this was romance at its best. The author did an amazing job of showing how Hannah was able to renew herself through her love and trust of Jonas as she battled back the nightmares of her attack.

SAFE HARBOR provided me with an emotional roller coaster, dread and tears over the attack, laughter at some of the humorous dialogs, and spine chilling thrills at the force of the evil doers. The interaction with the sisters was beautiful and the surprise they prepared for Hannah had tears running down my cheeks. The level of romance was sensual and tender making this a perfect love story.

Bottom line: Feehan packs a wallop with each and every Drake sister story leaving you breathless wanting more and more! SAFE HARBOR is a fabulous entry in this awesome series and is HIGHLY recommended!

Marilyn Rondeau

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted August 8, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

New York Times bestselling author “Christine Feehan has brought paranormal romance to a new high.”* Now she soars as she introduces Hannah, one of the extraordinary Drake sisters—all gifted, enigmatic, and seductively enchanted…

One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long at the young man can remember. If only the stunning super-model was driven by a passion other than her career. But Jonas isn’t the only one with desires for Hannah.

From the shadows has emerged a vengeful figure who stalks the beauty with one terrifying purpose: to strip her of all she is and destroy her. Only one man was destined as her protection. Now, out of a storm of danger, Jonas must guide the woman he loves from a sinister darkness that threatens not only Hannah, but the entire Drake family.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Magic, Contemporary

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Safe Harbor
(Drake Sisters: Book 5)
by Christine Feehan

June 1, 2007
Available: June 2, 2007
ISBN #0515143189
EAN #9780515143188
384 pages
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