"A spell gone terribly wrong"

Jasmina's mother is a kleptomaniac and has stolen a necklace from the duchess. In order to spare her family's good name, Jasmina conjures an illusion of herself to fool her parents that she is soundly sleeping at home while she breaks into the duke's mansion to return the trinket. Unknown to Jasmina, the necklace is one of Merlin's Relics that has enhanced her magic and given her illusion back home a life of her own, who has gone out to live it up.

Sterling Thorn, a shape-shifter, has come to the ton to find his missing sister, but finds Jasmina's double instead. He falls instantly for her bold, outlandish behavior until she too disappears on him. When he spots the real Jasmina, he believe he, at least, has found the woman he lost and promptly kisses her. A resounding slap puts him to rights while she explains the situation.

Desperate to find both his sister and Jasmina's clone, Sterling works with Jasmina who is determined to reverse the spell and make her troublesome double disappear. Not exactly the outcome Sterling has in mind.

Sterling's confusion about his growing attraction to Jasmina as her prim and proper persona slips to reveal an adventurous capable woman, and his conflicted feelings for her clone is a treat to watch develop; as is Jasmina's own perception of herself while she sees her double do things more fully without the restrictions of the ton. Add to that a cast of secondary characters who are hilarious scene- stealers in a conspiratorial aunt who covers up for Jasmina and throws the conventions of society to the winds, and two amorous gnomes who follow Jasmina around for no better purpose than to watch and enjoy the trouble she gets herself into.

Double Enchantment is a wonderfully fun romance where magic is a part of everyday life in the Regency era. The triangle between Sterling, Jasmina, and her clone is crafted in a pleasing way with each woman being well suited for him in a different manner. Kathryne Kennedy's 'Relics of Merlin' world is an enjoyable place to spend some quality time. Just keep an eye out for gnomes.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted August 4, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Lady Jasmina was in a world of trouble. A simple spell had gone disastrously haywire and now there was a woman running around London who looked exactly like her—a woman with no sense of propriety whatsoever. All Society was whispering, and a baronet she’d never met was suddenly acting like he knew her…in a most intimate way. To find her twin and set things right, they’d have to work together—braving the fog-shrouded streets, a mysterious group called the Brotherhood, and a passion stronger than any magic.

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Double Enchantment
(Relic of Merlin: Book 2)
by Kathryne Kennedy

Love Spell
August 1, 2008
Available: August 26, 2008
ISBN #0505527634
EAN #9780505527639
336 pages
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