"an excellent read"

"There have been Hussies since before time was measured in days and minutes. Women who fought bravely alongside their mates with sword and axe, warriors whose courage changed the world around them."

Twyla MacAlister is happily working away at her computer and then she isn't. She is looking at a Gothic castle much like one in her virtual reality games. Going to the door she knocks and enters. During her exploring she turns around suddenly and meets the real-life (??) version of a statue she had been looking at. From that point on, life is never going to be calm, quiet and isolated for Twyla.

Jhett Ransay has left the Navy. Not by choice, he has been cut loose with PTSD. A newly - hired mercenary, he is currently getting his kicks going into the hot spots. Still, the dreams of captivity always find him. Hired by Twyla to rescue a computer genius held captive, he and he team give and get more than bargained for.

Excellent read, wonderful sex and a grand plot all add up to time worth spent with Ms. Austin's book, Flyboy.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted August 3, 2008


A book in The Hussies series.

Take an ancient Hussy warrior hunter with a Scottish castle that changes before your eyes. Mix in a computer geek with a wild imagination, an unemployed biker scarred by the past, and task them with saving the world. Add a dash of freaky past-life regression along with some cool spy stuff and you've got one heck of a recipe for adventure.

They just may succeed at their mission — stranger things have happened. However, the consequences are deadly and failure is not an option for Twyla or Jhett. Surviving the seedy underworld of weapons dealers requires learning to trust each other if they're to have any chance at breaking the endless cycle of repeating their mistakes…over and over…in one life after another.

Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Short Novel

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by Nicole Austin

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2008
Available: July 25, 2008
ISBN #1419917161
EAN #9781419917165
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