"When did you first suspect you had been abducted by aliens?"

This was a question frequently asked by Hannah Morgan, an investigator with the Institute for Research into Encounters with Alien Life or IREAL for short. Her mission was to investigate and gather information on alien abductions so that IREAL can prove that aliens really do exist. She is used to being dogged by reports, heckled by nonbelievers and long hours chasing abductees that are very shy about sharing information.

Gideon, an alien, enjoyed his human life. He had been put in charge of a house and the wealth that had been built by his adopted guardian, Joshua. But the Olam elders are no longer pleased. Seems Gideon enjoys being human too much and isn't giving enough attention to gaining his powers. He's been given one week to complete the investment works he has started and return home. Gideon is not happy! Thus, he seeks his LifeMate so that he can stay on Earth. And Hannah Morgan is his target!

Hannah doesn't feel that she needs someone to assist her. She has been burned by reporters posing as assistants. And this assistant is more than a nuisance. She finds herself looking at his wealthy clothing, the way he carries himself and his good looks. She can't let herself get involved with someone and not perform her research...yet...

Barbara Romo has created a great story, one I wonder why I haven't heard about until now. Her characters are full of emotion, personality, ambition. There is both internal conflict with their mindsets about Earth and its inhabitants and visitors, and a sexual tension between the characters. The story is set in Texas and the Houston area, which adds an additional appeal for me. I just love Brost, the little blue alien that doesn't like to wear clothing. Apparently he has some very humanly physical attributes. Her father is adorable and could even have his own story.

Ms. Romo has room to grow with this book. I hope to see more of the characters and their work to keep a balance between Earth and the Alien world. Ms. Romo, please write more. I need another visit with Gideon and Hannah!

Reviewed by Jan Crow
Posted August 3, 2008


"Tell me, Mr. Smith, when did you first suspect you had been abducted by aliens?"

It's just another day on the job for Hannah Morgan, professional ufologist. Fiercely protective of those who entrust her with their secrets, she has no patience for a rich playboy who says he wants to help, then treats the study of UFOs like a joke. Other women might fall for a gorgeous man who sets off sparks with just a touch, literally, but not her. Nope. Gideon Cyrus might be wearing a cap with dancing green men on it, but he takes extraterrestrials very seriously. After all, he is an alien. Not that he can prove it at the moment his latest attempt to use his maturing Olam powers only blew up his microwave. but the time is coming when he'll demonstrate his worth not only to his beloved adopted planet, but to one stubborn, fascinating ufologist.

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Undercover Alien
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by Barbara Romo

Crescent Moon Press
April 1, 2008
Available: April 14, 2008
ISBN #0981601162
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