"a look behind the veil of ancient lore"

Fate of Camelot continues the story award-winning author Cynthia Breeding began in Camelot Destiny (Kensington, August 2006). From what I understand the series will see a soon-to-be-released, Prelude to Camelot, followed by at least one more in the series. Breeding is quite at home with Grail Lore, but she doesn't just give you the same old Camelot. She peels back the layers of these mythical figures to reveal the people, their wants, desires, needs and betrayals. She is a sensual writer, a strong writer who offers her visionary look behind the veil of ancient lore, giving flesh and blood to Arthur, Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar.

Picking up where Camelot Destiny ended, Gwenhywfar carries Arthur to the Isle of Avalon, to see him healed. The holy island is protected by the Land of the Faerie, so when Myrddin attempts to reach the isle, Cernunnos, the god of the hunt, captures Gwenhwyfar and holds her prisoner. He plans to keep her and make her his. The half-fey prince wants to change Gwenhwyfar's fate, but can he stop her destiny, especially when Morgan le Fey has plans of her own for him? Lancelot must try to save Gwenhwyfar, but can a mere mortal triumph where time bends in on itself and magic reigns?

A talented writer, Breeding understands her subject well, giving Camelot a 'fresh coat of paint' for these amazing tales. So strong is her writing, you forget the lore we know by rote, and follow her into these tales so vivid in their world-building, romance, sensuality and magic.

Highly recommend for lovers of ancient history and Grail lore.

Reviewed by: Deborah Macgillivray, author

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted August 3, 2008


**A PNR Staff Top Pick**

When an immortal god desires a mortal queen, can her champion save her from her fate?

Accompanied by Gwenhwyfar, King Arthur is healed on the holy isle of Avalon following the battle of Camlann. But Avalon is surround by the ever-shifting Land of Faerie. When Myrddin attempts to pass them through, Cernunnos, the horned god of the Wild Hunt, captures Gwenhwyfar, intending to make her his consort. Enraged that Gwenhwyfar has been captured, Lancelot swears he will bring her back. A vision of the Holy Grail allows him to find the portal to Faerie, but Morgan le Fey has other designs for him. Will Lancelot's love for Gwenhwyfar be strong enough to endure in a world where Time is distorted and illusion reigns?

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Fate of Camelot
by Cynthia Breeding

Highland Press
July 1, 2008
Available: July 10, 2008
ISBN #0981557384
EAN #9780981557380
256 pages
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