"A sweet and suspenseful time travel romance"

Sunshine Phillips loved everything about Scotland, even the rain. She had come to be with her sister Madelyn, seeing her through her wedding to Patrick MacLeod (A GARDEN IN THE RAIN) and the birth of their first child. She had even been left a little cottage from the old MacLeod witch and had had the role bestowed upon her by Patrick's brother Jamie (A DANCE THROUGH TIME). She has hopes to be able to stay long enough to realize her dream, a highlander of her own to love.

Strange things have been known to happen on MacLeod land, and considering her new in-laws Sunny should not have been surprised to find a Cameron at her door insisting on her aid, a medieval one at that. Be careful what you wish for.

Robert Francis Cameron mac Cameron had seen one young brother fall at the hands of the conniving Fergusson clan, another lay critically injured. His only hope was the MacLeod witch. He'd ridden two hours to fetch the old crone, the last thing he'd expect to find was a feisty young beauty who seemed more likely to do a body harm than mend one. She had only acquiesced after he had revealed the year of his birth, though somewhat fatalistically. She lived on MacLeod land. She knew what this meant.

Breac could not be saved. Cam's duty now lay in marrying his brother's shrewish wife, and to raise their children as his own. But his heart lies with the beauty from another time, a woman who had the courage to stand up to him and love him as if he were not Laird...the woman of his dreams. She isn't safe here, he isn't safe here. His cousin Giric has turned his clan against him. He no longer has brothers to guard his back. Could he and Sunshine be happy together in another time, another place...her place and time? She had tried to return home alone and had failed. Could they make it there together?

Ah those tricky MacLeod time gates, so mercurial, working only when you least expect it. Unfortunately when you step through one you never know where it will take you...or when. This particular one isn't going to make their lives easy as Ms. Kurland as usual has a few grand surprises up her sleeve.

They say that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Welcome to Cam's new life. But never fear, the old MacLeod witch, Moraig, knew what she was doing when she offered Sunny her home; and her devious, matchmaking family aren't above keeping a few secrets themselves until the time is just right. But not to worry, even though the suspense will drive you crazy, Sunny and Cam are destined to live happily every after.

Some might ask, why Cam didn't confide more in Sunny; try to work out their problems together? Let's not lose site of the fact that, in spite of his new situation, Cam was born a Medieval Scottish Laird. He is an alpha male through and through, used to fighting his own battles, protecting those who are weaker and those he loves. You may as well ask why Cam didn't file assault charges after Sunny's brother-in-law Patrick MacLeod beat the tar out of him for hurting her. Come on, this is an altogether different breed of men. They don't live that way.

Lynn Kurland is the reigning queen of time travel romance. I love the way she has stayed true to her voice after all these years. In a genre where the current buzz phrase is "sex sells," she continues to write sweet, truly romantic tales that speak to the heart. WITH EVERY BREATH is certainly no exception. Those who yearn for the days of chivalry, honor, and courtly love will find a kindred spirit in Sunshine Phillips.

Alas and alack, poor Zachary Smith has been opening doors for a dozen years now, and still no lover on the other side for him. Surely he isn't still drinking milk out of the bottle? Thanks to Cam, the seasoned modern day time traveler is on his way to Artane as the head architect for his joint restoration project with Gideon de Piaget. We all know what that could mean! I took a peak at the MacLeod genealogy chart and it now says his story is (to come). Praise be, my years of begging may finally bear fruit! An understatement to say, I can't wait!

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 27, 2008



unshine Phillips' heart lies in Scotland, a land of rain, legend, and dangerously handsome Highland lords. She longs to call the magical place home, but after a day which includes such delights as blackening the eye of her lecherous boss and changing a flat tire in a chilly spring deluge, she'll settle for an evening spent curled up in front of a fire with a cup of tea. But what Sunny wants is not what Sunny gets...

When Robert Cameron pounds on Sunny's door, he isn't paying a social call. With one brother killed in battle and another fighting for his life, the medieval laird has braved a trip onto enemy soil to fetch the MacLeod witch, a crone rumored to have healing powers. But the woman who opens her door to him is enchanting and young—and not from his century.

Now, it seems that they've both found just what they need—if only time will let them keep it.


With Every Breath
(MacLeod: Book 10)
by Lynn Kurland

May 1, 2008
Available: May 27, 2008
ISBN #0515144703
EAN #9780515144703
400 pages
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