"a short and sexy story with a hint of magic"

Lonely Amber has just about given up on men---except in her sleep, which is filled with sensuous dreams of the gorgeous Tavis. When Tavis tells her he is one of the Chosen, traveling through the dream world in search of his soul mate, and that she is it, Amber doesn't know what to think; all she knows is how much she wants him. She can bring him through to her world completely, if they make love for a third time on Samhain, binding their souls together and creating a portal between the worlds. This union will siphon magic into Tavis' world of Aldar, yet there are conjurers who would claim the power for themselves...

This story pulls no punches where the sex is concerned, and the symbiotic relationship between our world and Aldar is intriguing. Those looking for a short and sexy story with a hint of magic will find this a thrilling read, for the sex scenes are rich with detail and frankly hot. Elsewhere the writing falters, relying on exposition when dramatization would have been more effective, but this may be a result of the novella's short length. Although the sex scenes are generally well done, there are occasional shifts in POV, which are a bit distracting; alternating the POV might have been a more effective method to include Tavis' perspective. The realm of Aldar is described in loving detail, and the seeds are sown for a sequel, which is already written and entitled Bound by Fate, and even for a prequel, should the author choose to explore the relationship between Amber's parents in the past.

Reviewed by Kimberly Bea
Posted July 25, 2008


Can magic and reality work together or will they be dealt a fate worse than death?

Two worlds held together by magic, the Earth realm and the realm of Aldar. Amber Moyer is a Chosen from our world. As the time draws near Samhain, Tavis, from Aldar, seeks her out in dreams. They are soul mates. Together they sustain his realm with the life giving magic of the Earth realm.

But there is evil that seeks Aldar. Will Tavis and Amber be able to overcome the evil? Or suffer the same fate as Amber's mother so many years ago?

Erotic Romance: Fantasy, Paranormal

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Bound by Magic
(Bound Series: Book 1)
by Amanda Cummings

Red Rose Publishing
May 1, 2008
Available: May 8, 2008
ISBN #1604351039
EAN #9781604351033
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