"an amazing follow up to book one"

Rihker Tennai is back and more powerful than ever. Still babysitting Kieran the Death Stalker, Rihker has been charged with finding the Tablet of the Way. Called out to handle a routine flesh eating zombie, Rihker soon learns the Darkness is gaining momentum and that it wants her, the daughter of Darkness and Light. Being the "Child of Prophecy" is really starting to be a drag and it's endangering everyone she loves. How can she protect them all if she can't figure out what's going on?

This is an amazing follow up to book one. So many questions are answered but so many more questions crop up. The author is having a blast with her heroine and the myriad of other characters. The lines of poetry and prose before each chapter set the tone for what's to come. I love the author's sense of humor and her rapier wit. Each character becomes more and more three dimensional as you read. The experiences the heroine endures make her stronger and at the same time more vulnerable, and you get a real sense of the author. The meat of the story seems to be evolving into something huge, and I for one can hardly wait to see what happens in the next installment.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
Posted July 24, 2008


In the Other World there is a dark burning hole in the corridor of life; a realm between the Light and the Darkness empty of hope, breath, and the possibility of being. A plane so obscure; so filled with the refuse of the oppressed, that to truly hear the screams and sufferings of those who wander you must bend beyond understanding to feel the pulse of a monsterís fears.

But have you ever wondered what happens when those weary souls go searching -- Seeking retribution millenniums old and thrice repaid? Who becomes their soulís great captor? Who is the collector of their flesh and pain?

My name is Rihker Tennai -- in the Other World sometimes it takes a monster to know a monster -- and a half-breed to skirt the distance and the Darkness in Shadow Land between.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher's Rating: Iron Maiden - Hottest. A turn on the rack, anyone? Do no harm, but have as much fun as you like. Multiple partners, graphic language and details, the sky is the limit. These stories might have a happily-ever-after, a happy-for-now, or a simple satisfying ending with no promises.
Length: Scroll/Novella

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Shadow Slave
(Realm: Book II)
by K. A. M'Lady

Mojocastle Press
March 1, 2008
Available: March 17, 2008
ISBN #1601800584
EAN #9781601800589
224 pages
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