"a very interesting work of fiction"

Ruse the Sandcat was entranced by the little girl as soon as he laid eyes on her. Something drew him to Eledi, but he couldn't figure out what. When he met Eledi's mother Amaya, he knew he had found his mate in her.

Amaya was in a full panic when she discovered the huge Truxet warrior with her small daughter. Eledi was so small, he could easily harm her. When Ruse told her she was his mate, the Guildless woman panicked even more. She couldn't possibly be a shifter's mate, could she? And what would happen to her daughter?

This was a very interesting work of fiction. I noticed a lot of poetry in the descriptions. The author was somewhat formal, but seemed to capture the spirit of what she was writing. The erotic passages were well thought out and beautiful. She captured tragedy, love, fear, prejudice, and acceptance very well, and I would love to know if any of her characters are based off of old legends of some kind. The author was very passionate about what she was writing and the tragic aspects of the book seemed to have a very personal flavor, she described them so well. Her inner child was very present in Eledi, who I think charmed the whole book.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
Posted July 17, 2008


Amaya is a proud outcast, banished from her Guild for an unwed pregnancy. She survived the loss of her family, and found a way to survive the streets. It isnít her job as a whore to Beast warriors that introduces her to the most fascinating Sandcat sheís ever met, itís her four-year-old daughter. After four passionate, thrilling days experiencing Ruse as a lover and a father to Eledi, Amaya takes a leap into a relationship with him. Heís like something out of her dreams, but sheís cautious, for Elediís sake. Then one of lifeís bitter surprises shatters her fragile dream. In a senseless attack, Eledi and Ruse are both injured. Now none of her fears matter. Amaya gives all of herself as she survives the healing of her daughter, and with the last of her energy, finds the will to heal Ruse, even though it means Bonding her family to the Beast world forever.

Contains: Multiple partners, light bondage, anal, voyeurism.

Book Length: Full Length

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Within Reach
(a Bonded fantasy #5)
by * Mima

Liquid Silver Books
April 1, 2008
Available: April 29, 2008
ISBN #159578442X
EAN #9781595784421
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