"Vaughn has created a world where diversity is celebrated"

The peaceful race known as The'Rans were legendary for the healing powers of their beautiful women, but when an ancient covenant was broken The'Ran lands were destroyed along with most of its inhabitants. Now the fate of the powerful Ceyan lies in the hands of four warrior brothers and their The'Ran brides. In a race against time, these four women must come to terms with their legacy and embrace their destiny as healers in this strange new world.

The fourth and final installment of the DESCENDANTS OF THE LIGHT series starts off with high drama. As the chosen mate of King Rohman, Eden quickly realizes his people skills could use some work. Bitter resentment has caused a rift in Rohman's relationship with his Queen Mother and her perceived betrayal has resulted in his cruel treatment of others and a deep distrust of women. Eden can sense the pain that lies within Rohman, but will he ever allow her to touch his heart?

Despite his best attempts to treat Eden as simply a necessary obligation, Rohman finds himself completely enthralled by her beauty. Just as things start to come together, they quickly fall apart when sickness and treachery visit the royal family. The Queen Mother falls ill; Eden suddenly turns up missing - and time is running out for them both. Is Eden the key to curing the mysterious illness? And will she be found before it's too late? The answers to their future lie in the past as Eden takes her rightful place as the Holder of "The Great Power."

FINDING EDEN ties together the previous novellas in the series while weaving in a surprising side plot. Though I found the series lacking in depth overall, I will admit the story held my attention throughout. Readers should note there is a high "sex:story" ratio in this series. That said, I can appreciate Eve Vaughn's usage of multicultural characters in a futuristic setting. She has created a world where diversity is celebrated -- and that's pretty awesome!

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted July 17, 2008


Eden Johnson has always known that she was different. While dreams of winged warriors fill her nights she struggles through her mundane existence with her bossy older sister who insists on treating her like a child. Fate steps in when Eden finds herself kidnapped along with her sister and whisked off to a planet calls Hítrae where she learns of not only of her heritage but that she must marry one of the royal Ceyan brothers. King Rohman will do anything to save his people, even if it means taking a bride he doesnít want, but when he spies the petite maiden Eden, she sets his loins on fire like no other woman although he refuses to let her into his heart.

When Eden goes missing, Rohman realizes she is the link needed to save his people. Will they find her in time to save the life of a loved one and will Rohman realize his feeling before itís too late?

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Interracial
Series: Descendants of the Light
Length: Novel

Publisher's Note: This is part of a series Ė books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order but can also be read individually.

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Finding Eden
(Descendants of the Light: Book 4)
by Eve Vaughn

Changeling Press
January 1, 2006
Available: January 1, 2006
ISBN #1595961941
EAN #9781595961945
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