"a thrilling, sexy tale"

Esther Conway is a descendant of Margaret Marsden, a gothic romance writer of the 1800's. After being forced to give up writing Margaret seems to have simply disappeared, and Esther has decided to write her a fictional ending and reason for the disappearance. Doing research on Margaret leads Esther to finding one of the few if not only existing copies of her last book in which an evil prince poisoned his own father, and forced his half brother into exile in order to rule the kingdom. At least that's what she's read the book was about but every time she touches it she falls asleep and has the most unusual dreams involving the evil prince of the book.

Drago is incredibly sexy and he rules the kingdom, what more could he want? His half brother claims that he wants power and will use anything to get it, including black magic. He bewitches people into loving him and protecting him yet runs them in the ground. He is vile and temperamental and insane, or so the rumors go. But is any of it true or is he just painted that way?

Gothic Dragon by Marie Treanor is a thrilling, sexy tale of mystery. All through the story you will be guessing just who the bad guy is and loving the thrill of the mystery. The characters are intriguing and real. The sex is steamy and thrilling. If you have ever wondered what would happen after a book ends this is the story that will tell you. It is a very well written piece that will keep you turning page after page.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted July 16, 2008


Sometimes you can make your dreams a reality…

Stuck in an uninteresting job and settled in a safe but vaguely unsatisfying relationship, the only bright spot in Esther’s life is her writing. She’s fascinated by colorful life of her ancestor Margaret Marsden, a nineteenth-century Gothic romance novelist. A woman who mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

A weekend away turns into a hunt for clues when Esther stumbles across Margaret’s “lost” novel, The Prince of Costanzo. Though desperate to read it, every time Esther opens the book, she falls asleep—and headlong into amazingly vivid dreams about Costanzo.

But in this dream world where war, magic and poisoning are commonplace, nothing is as it seems. Least of all the supposed villain of the novel, the enigmatic sorcerer Prince Drago. She finds herself kidnapped to his castle and subjected to a seductive interrogation that curls her toes. As their feelings for each other grow more powerful, she begins to wonder…is he the real villain, or a hero who only wants to save his kingdom? All she knows is that now that she’s had a taste of Costanzo—and Drago—her real life troubles seem insignificant.

Until they come crashing around her, threatening to cut her off from the man she loves. Forever.

Genre: Romantic Time Travel
Length: Category

Warning: As well as explicit and delicious sex, this book contains the secret of ultimate escapism which could be highly dangerous in the wrong hands. The reader experiments at her/his own risk.

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Gothic Dragon
by Marie Treanor

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2008
Available: July 22, 2008
ISBN #1605040762
EAN #9781605040769
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