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The peaceful race known as The'Rans were legendary for the healing powers of their beautiful women, but when an ancient covenant was broken The'Ran lands were destroyed along with most of its inhabitants. Now the fate of the powerful Ceyan lies in the hands of four warrior brothers and their The'Ran brides. In a race against time, these four women must come to terms with their legacy and embrace their destiny as healers in this strange new world.

In HOPE'S HEART, more critical backstory is revealed as the story gears up for the series climax. Hope is a blonde, rubenesque social worker with a heart of gold. She discovered long ago she has the ability to relieve the physical pain of others, yet she never could have guessed at her otherworldly heritage. Now that the mother of the royal Ceyan has succumbed to a mysterious illness, Hope prays her healing hands can provide some relief.

Prince Aarik knew at first sight that he would choose Hope as his bride. Hope has never before felt more loved and desirable. Their story is erotic, yet comical and sweet. Hope flourishes under the affections of Prince Aarik and he in turn marvels at his fortune in finding his heartmate. In this third novella, a villain appears leaving readers on an anxious note. The final novella of the series is not to be missed as the past meets the present in "FINDING EDEN."

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted July 15, 2008


In the land of Zerus, a strange ailment is slowly wiping out King Rohman's subjects. Willing to do anything to save their people, King Rohman and his brothers make a pact with the Ancient Ones. In exchange for learning the whereabouts of the last remaining The'Rans, a people known for their great healing powers, the brothers agree to take the The'Ran women they locate as brides. To the astonishment of the Ceyans, the last remaining The'Rans are on an unheard of planet called Earth and these The'Rans have no knowledge of their legacy.

Hope Phillips has a heart of gold. Good old Hope is always there when she's needed. The problem is, Hope is tired of being taken advantage of and it's depressing to see all her friends getting married and deserting her when they start families of their own. The only thing she has is a job where she's not appreciated and a cat who only comes around to be fed. She's tired of being alone. Taking matters into her own hands Hope decides to go on a singles retreat. However the night before her trip, she gets the sudden urge to go for a drive and finds herself in a deserted cabin kidnapped by two big goons who spirit her away to another world.

On the planet H'trae, Hope learns that she belongs to a race of nearly extinct beings known for their healing powers. To top that off she must participate in a barbaric ceremony called The Feast of The Flesh where one of the Ceyan Princes will pick a bride! Hope feels doomed, that is until she spots the very tall and very hunky Prince Aarik.


Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): BBW
Series: Descendants of the Light
Length: Novel

Publisher's Note: This is part of a series – books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order but can also be read individually.

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Hope’s Heart
(Descendants of the Light: Book 3)
by Eve Vaughn

Changeling Press
December 1, 2005
Available: December 12, 2005
ISBN #1595961933
EAN #9781595961938
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