"This book was magic!"

Lugal Damu-zid is a Sumerian Warrior fighting a war against the Akkadians. When he is mortally wounded, his comrades take him to the ziggurat of Utu to be healed. Along with the healing of his body, Lugal finds himself trapped forever as a genie for a crime he did not commit.

Samantha Rutledge is a weight loss counselor in the present day. When she comes across a beautiful bottle at an estate sale, she knows she has to have it. When she gets it home and a gorgeous Sumerian Warrior pops out and tells her she has three wishes, what's a girl to do? She has six months to make the wishes before Lugal is gone from her forever. How will she keep him from disappearing?

This book was hilarious. I love Daisy's work, and I love the fact that the gorgeous hero falls for the life sized woman and not the anorexic teen queen types. This book was magic and the amount of research that went into it must have been phenomenal. Reading it was like taking a really fun history class on the lesser known Sumerian gods and customs. I love the humor in the book. It is a perfect example of what a love story should be!

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
Posted July 12, 2008


When mighty Sumerian warrior Lugal Damu-zid gallantly protects the virtue of a foolish, love-struck, virgin priestess, little does he know his actions will doom him to life eternal as a genie trapped in a bottle.

Five thousand years later, Samantha Rutledge unearths an ancient vessel at a musty estate sale. At home, she uncorks her twelve-dollar purchase, only to nearly die of fright when out pops her very own personal half-naked, saber-wielding genie. She can't help but notice that the tall, sexy-as-hell hunk of sun-bronzed muscles has a sizeable bulge tenting the crotch of his voluminous sultan-style pants especially when he grabs it as he's eyeing her. She soon discovers that this proud, bold, domineering alpha male has distinctly carnal intentions.

After all, Lugal's been waiting a long time to bed a woman as luscious as Samantha.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Rubenesque / Paranormal
Book Length: Super Plus Novel

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Samantha and Her Genie
by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Ellora's Cave
May 1, 2008
Available: May 21, 2008
ISBN #1419915932
EAN #9781419915932
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