"A perfect completion of the first book"

Sasha is getting used to the world she finds herself in. The people are charming if not a little surprising at times. Her mission to find her father, Prince Mathias, continues. She just has to get away from Zathdar and her growing attraction and distrust of him. After finding out that Zathdar is really Prince Jehan, the son of the very man that put her father off of the throne, she is determined that he has been lying about everything. He is doing the exact same thing his father tried to do to her mother, seduce her to his side to get what he wants, isn't he?

Zathdar, Prince Jehan, has been called to the palace by his father. Can he keep up the act that has kept him and his crew safe for so long? His father thinks him slow and his mind clouded but will the time come when all disguises must be dispatched or will the charade continue to keep him safe? He also awaits Prince Mathias's return, but to what end?

The story continues! We pick up having left Sasha finding out that Zathdar is really Prince Jehan and yet even she can't deny the attraction between the two of them despite not trusting him. The king's commander continues to plot a way of putting his nephew on the thrown, someone he can control. Civil war threatens the near future. Can Prince Jehan make his father have sense enough to avoid it?

Twice a Prince is a thrilling and perfect continuation of the first book. The plot thickens as many outside elements start combining and circling Sasha and Prince Jehan, dragging them apart but at the same time closer together. Some of the characters we briefly met in the first half come back with a surprising clarity and refreshing appeal. The tension mounts and comes to a beautiful and very well written climax as events put into motion come to a head. Twice a Prince is the perfect completion to what was already a thrilling and well written piece of art.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted July 11, 2008


Sasha’s prince is wicked, Sun’s is missing—they take up the sword, L.A. style!

Sasharia En Garde Book 2

In the magical world of Khanerenth, there’s a long way to go before Sasha and her dream prince, Jehan, can get to perfect. Jehan’s deception has left her unable to trust him, and grimly determined to search for her missing father. Jehan only wants to protect Sasha from the dangerous undercover mission he’s undertaken to heal the broken kingdom, but he knows she can’t afford to listen to him—not when he’s the one living a lie.

Enemies, allies—and temptation—make the ballroom floor as dangerous as pirate raids. In a world where love is danger and honor is difficult to define, the crown is not the only thing on the line for a wicked prince and a princess with a core of steel.

There’s a royal price for love.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel

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Twice a Prince
(Sasharia En Garde!: Book 2)
by Sherwood Smith

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2008
Available: July 22, 2008
ISBN #1605040738
EAN #9781605040738
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