"a fun and sexy tale of love that reaches across the galaxy"

The'Rans were peaceful people known for the healing powers of their beautiful women. By the ancient covenant, The'Ran women were offered to Ceyan men as mates in exchange for protection from the Shadow People. In time, the covenant was broken and the The'Ran lands were seized and destroyed. For many years, the powerful healers of Tiearen were thought to no longer exist.

Now that the Ceyan have fallen victim to a mysterious illness, four warrior brothers of noble blood must take as his bride one of the only four remaining descendants of the The'Ran race. Unaware of their heritage, the women are captured and brought to Planet H'Trae to be mated with the brothers during the Feast of the Flesh. The brothers can only hope that these four women possess the legendary The'Ran healing powers. They are in desperate need of a cure to help the Ceyan people -- and time is running out.

Raven Storm is so over the "glamorous life." Three ex- husbands and a successful modeling career has left her feeling alone and unfulfilled. Nowadays the only thing she looks forward to is the nighttime visits of her sexy dream lover -- the beautiful man with the wings of an angel. When she finds herself kidnapped and spirited away to another planet by the same man who haunts her dreams, will Raven embrace her powers to aid her captor? And can she learn to love the man who is destined to be her heart mate?

This first installment of the DESCENDANTS OF THE LIGHT series effectively sets the stage for the 3 tales to follow. Eve Vaughn wastes no time launching into the passionate struggles of the characters. Raven and Prince Thane will appeal to anyone who enjoys stories of soul mates united as well as those who may enjoy a lighter approach to erotic fantasy. The diversity of the characters is refreshing and adds warmth to the series. The first novella will leave readers breathless as the overall arc of the series heats up for GENESIS.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted July 11, 2008


The fate of the Ceyan people -- in the hands of an Earthling Supermodel?

A strange ailment is slowly wiping out the Ceyan people of planet H’trae. Willing to do anything to save his people, King Rohman sends his brother, Prince Thane, to the Ancient Ones. Prince Thane brings back a proposal. The Ancient Ones will help -- for a price.

In exchange for the whereabouts of the last remaining The’Rans, a people known for their great healing powers, the royal brothers must take the The’Ran women as their brides. To Rohman’s astonishment, the last remaining The’Rans are on an unheard-of planet called Earth. What’s more, these The’Ran women have no knowledge of their legacy.

Supermodel Raven Storm has it all -- beauty, fame, and fortune. Yet she longs to find some meaningful purpose to her life. With each passing day she grows more and more disenchanted. Her nights are filled with hot, steamy dreams of a dark-haired winged man -- the kind of man dreams are made of. After a particularly bad photo shoot, Raven makes up her mind to walk away from the modeling business. She doesn’t get far before she’s taken prisoner by two drop dead gorgeous men -- one of whom looks exactly like her dream lover!

On H’trae, Raven learns she is expected to participate in the Feast of the Flesh, taking one of the royal brothers as her husband. There is only one man she will accept as her mate -- King Rohman’s youngest brother, Prince Thane, her dream lover. Thane makes it quite clear that she belongs to him, but will King Rohman surrender his right to the bride of his choice in the face of their love?

PublGenre(s): Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Interracial
Series: Descendants of the Light
Length: Novella

Publisher's Note: This is part of a series – books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order but can also be read individually.

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Raven's Calling
(Descendants of the Light: Book 1)
by Eve Vaughn

Changeling Press
October 1, 2005
Available: October 11, 2005
ISBN #1595961410
EAN #9781595961419
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