"she wanted to experience what she'd be giving up"

In a future society dominated by women, The Shareem are designed for sexual fulfillment. These enhanced males specialize in bringing women to ecstasy and have been programmed to perform at one of three levels. Level one offers pure sensual pleasure. Level two provides games and wicked fun. Level three is the ultimate barbarian. Tall, muscular, and beautiful, The Shareem are designed to be pleasing to the eyes as well as the body.

Lady Talan d'Urvey is seeking enlightenment. Adopted into high society she is ready to take a vow of celibacy. But after discovering the diary of a woman who spent one blissful week with a Shareem, Talan sets out to experience for herself what pleasure of the flesh feels like. When her research leads her to Rees, she finds herself drawn to him immediately. She knows right away she wants him for her experiment.

Rees is not your standard issue Shareem. Born of a unique experiment, he is all three levels in one. Deemed unstable and dangerous, his programmers abandoned the experiment and feared Rees' unpredictable nature. Now that he is free, Rees has managed to hide in plain sight -- Though Rees himself isn't quite sure what he is capable of should he ever lose control.

Allyson James has created a futuristic series that will have readers wishing for a time machine! Rees and Talan set the pages ablaze as one of the most perfectly matched pairs this reader has come across. This first book of the series does not disappoint. Not only will readers find the Shareem deeply satisfying, these hot men will leave them panting for more.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted July 7, 2008


The Shareem. Males created to be tall, muscled, sexy, and…enhanced. They come in one of three levels—pure sensual pleasure, games and wicked fun, or the ultimate barbarian complete with whip. They know how to bring a woman to ecstasy and exactly how to keep her there.

When Lady Talan d'Urvey reads the diary of a woman who spent one wicked week with a Shareem, she longs to experience the same carnality in one last fling before she takes her vow of celibacy. She goes in search of a Shareem and finds Rees, tall and blond, with Shareem-blue eyes. Just looking into those eyes makes Talan wild with need.

But Rees is a Shareem experiment that never should have been made. Rees is all the Shareem levels rolled into one, and then some. Rees is uncontrollable, Rees is unpredictable. Even Rees's creators could never, ever be sure exactly what he would do…


(Tales of the Shareem: Book 1)
by Allyson James

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2005
Available: August 1, 2005
ISBN #1419952552
EAN #9781419952555
204 pages
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