"this love story just blew me away"

When Andrew Baines went to the college his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a lawyer, all Andrew wanted to do was go for another career. But his father wouldn't pay for that. His father also told him to join the Alpha PSI fraternity when of course that was far from what he wanted to do. But he still did it, and boy was he in for some torture during Hell Week, before knowing if he was accepted or not. On his last night of Hell Week, he had made it through all the hellish things they had made him go through up till now. But now the head of the fraternity, who had picked him out from day one as one to torture, wanted to make him do things he never would have thought he would do, like be with a man, and that man was Bull, Tony Ginelli, a fellow Alpha PSI.

But Tony takes him under his wing and protects him, tells the head that he wants him as his Pledge Slave for the two months that he is on trial. Andrew moves in with Tony and it is a dream come true. See, Andrew had had thoughts of other men, but kept them buried deep. But when he is around Tony they weren't hidden enough. Until the night that neither could hide it anymore and they both give in to their attraction and share a night of magic and beauty unlike any other. Up till this day Andrew had been tortured by his thoughts and reactions he felt for Tony, but when Tony is holding him all of that falls to the wayside. But that night they are found by three of the other fraternity brothers in a compromising position, and the consequences cause a deadly secret to be revealed. What will happen to Andrew after he sees what Tony is capable of? Will he run?

I love anything Evangeline Anderson writes. She has a special gift with her stories that just catch you from page one. I loved this story, love the way Andrew had fought his feelings for other males because he had been taught it was wrong, dirty. But when he meets Tony it brings out those feelings. Tony also feels the same way, but he has never felt these feelings for another man; but he also isn't human and being Were, you mate with who your body picks, and that would be Andrew. This story was beautifully written, and the love story just blew me away with how loving and romantic it was. I can't wait to see what Evangeline writes next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted July 6, 2008


Andrew Baines is a new member of Alpha Psi, a reluctant pledge to the college's most popular fraternity. On the last night of Hell Week, Andrew completes his initiation with a carnal act designed to humiliate him. But instead of disgusting him, the deeply erotic encounter arouses him almost unbearably. Andrew is confused and tortured by his reaction. He doesn't want to think about the terrible urges he keeps buried inside, let alone act on them…urges that will get him kicked out of the fraternity and disowned by his family.

Tony Ginelli is an Alpha Psi brother, the recipient of Andrew's act of erotic initiation. When Andrew becomes his slave for the next two semesters, Tony masters the handsome pledge in every way that counts. As Tony discovers Andrew's long-held secrets and desires, the lovers forge a bond that lasts beyond college. But while Tony helps Andrew face his demons, he is terrified to reveal his own dark secret…one that could kill the very man he loves.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Werewolf / Gay
Book Length: Novel

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Pledge Slave
by Evangeline Anderson

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2007
Available: July 11, 2007
ISBN #1419911910
EAN #9781419911910
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