"Out of the Storm is a thrilling adventure"

Alissa Montgomery lives miles away from anyone so when she hears someone calling her name along with the sound of a baby crying coming from her meadow she is very surprised. She finds the baby and returns home only to find a man she has never seen claiming to be her husband, which is odd enough but upon entering her home she finds that it isn't quite the way she left it either. Has the death of her fiancé finally driven her into insanity or is something else entirely at work?

Rafe Blackwell is a patient, honest, and loving man. When he comes home to find his wife and baby out in the middle of a storm to say the least he is worried but that is nothing compared to the fear of his own wife not knowing who he or their child is. Is this another step in his once vibrant wife's depression or has she gone over the edge?

Out of the Storm is a thrilling adventure. You will find yourself swept away with the characters. You will struggle with Alissa, feeling her aggravation with the situation she finds herself in. Rafe will seem real and you will come to appreciate his patience and concern. The story is very well written and put together in a way that will keep you wanting more.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted July 5, 2008


It was the infant’s wail that called her out into the killer storm racing toward her and her name called on the wind, but it was more than that that pulled Alissa until she stepped through the doorway in time and found herself with a family her heart and soul recognized even though she didn’t.

It wasn’t the ‘how’ of it that troubled her, though, it was the ‘why’ she’d lost two years of her life. It was the question of who the woman was that she’d become in those two years lost to her. Why and how could she have changed so much and who was it that wanted her dead?

Length::Full Novel
Genre: Time Travel
Sensuality: Sweet/Sensual

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Out of the Storm
by Allie Harrison

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2008
Available: April 1, 2008
ISBN #1603941665
EAN #9781603941662
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