"Got a day to kill? Do it with Reckless!"

In this sequel to Brazen, we meet Sheriff J.T. Summers' one and only weakness. Nikki Durant, the sister of his best friend Lucas Durant. J.T. is supposed to be protecting the little spitfire for his best friend while Lucas is off serving in the military. However, what he is finding harder and harder to do is protect said spitfire, from himself. Nikki has grown up into the most intriguing woman he's ever seen, right down to the pink stripe in her luscious hair. If only she wasn't hell bent on getting J.T. into bed.

Nikki has loved J.T. forever, and she is making it her mission to seduce the Big and Bad, and incredibly gorgeous Sheriff Summers. If only Mr. Big, Bad Sheriff Summers wasn't proving such a hard nut to crack. Can Nikki convince him she's the one for him, or will he push her away and ruin what could be a wonderful future, breaking her heart in the process?

Maya Banks just proves over and over why she is one of my favorite authors. This is a moving and hot read in true Maya style. Got a day to kill? Do it with Reckless! However, this short story is a sequel to Brazen, so if you are planning to read Brazen, and I highly recommend you do, do so first and then read Reckless. Reckless can be a stand alone read, but Brazen is a great book, and I would hate for you to ruin it by reading this first, but then I'm a lover of reading books in order. So pick up these books, you won't regret a moment spent in Barley, Texas.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted July 3, 2008


He can run, but he can’t hide

A Red Hot Summer story and a stand-alone sequel to Brazen.

Sheriff J.T. Summers promised to keep an eye on his best friend’s little sister. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. “Little” Nikki Durant isn’t so little anymore. She’s sex on a stick, and she’s pointed right at him.

Nikki has always loved J.T., and she’s through waiting for him to come around. The soaring summer temperature is nothing compared to the heat generated when she sets fire to his senses. With a take-no-prisoners attitude, she’s out to get her man. But no matter how many ways she offers it, J.T.’s not buying.

What’s it going to take to get him to realize her love for him isn’t a passing fling? Get herself arrested? Hmm…


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Length: Novella

Warning: This title contains one very frustrated hunky sheriff, one very determined heroine, sex by the pool, sex in the office, and yes, they do make it to the bed. Eventually.

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by Maya Banks

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 3, 2008
ISBN #1605040347
EAN #9781605040349
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