"Legends of Ireland, werewolves and Vamps ..."

This is part of the Scepter Series. The story can stand alone.

This tale is through Kylie's eyes. This is a prequel-long before Talia, her sister started her private eye firm, The Night's End.

Kylie is a werewolf created by Macha. When Kylie refuses to marry Eerek, a human influenced by the scepter of Danu, he uses the scepter to change her. She isn't werewolf, but vampire created by the scepter, making her slightly different from the other creatures of the night. Kylie doesn't want to leave her family, but Talia hunts and destroys vampires. Kylie knows she must stay hidden if she is to find a way to stop Eerek from his diabolical deeds and destroy the scepter before it corrupts another being.

Talia doesn't know what happened to Kylie, but she knows Eerek is involved. When Eerek mysteriously disappears, Talia vows to hunt him down. Kylie is worried her sister's temper will end up being her demise. She becomes Talia's guardian, watching out for her and trying to keep her safe, which isn't exactly an easy task.

Ms. McBryar takes us through the centuries revealing how Kylie survived and what influences shaped the innocent werewolf with only love in her heart and into the hardened vampire with a mission to destroy the Scepter of Danu.

With legends of Ireland, werewolves and vampires—what more could a lover of paranormal ask for?

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted June 22, 2008


Kylie knows what it means to suffer. She also knows what it means to hate. Born a werewolf, Kylie wanted only her solitude. Glory and honor where meant for her sister, not her. When Eerek cursed her into a vampire using a powerful scepter, she vowed to see him dead. In order to achieve that, she must keep her hot-headed sister, Talia alive. The job is much harder than it sounds.

Walking a thin line between power and insanity, Kylie finds she is stronger than she ever imagined, and sometimes, the end does indeed justify the means.

Kylie’s goal is not vengeance; it is justice, the kind that can be achieved with fangs and claws.

Categories: Paranormal/Horror Suspense/Mystery

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Destruction of an Innocent
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