"Once a princess is charmingly captivating"

Sasharia Zhavalieshin is a princess that couldn't be less like a princess. When she was a child she was forced out of her world and into ours with her ex hippie mother. They are now living in LA and the very people that chased them into this world are now after them again. When a young lawyer shows up at her apartment she is cautious until she sees that he really does have papers in his brief case so she lets her guard down for one moment and the second he touches her she is pulled through The World Gate and into her old life. The lawyer, who is really a young mage, and his sister set out to kidnap her before the enemy did. Problem is the young mage and his sister are ill equipped to fight the King's guard, that is until the pirate Zathdar shows up to turn the tables in their favor. Zathdar swears he is no pirate but a privateer, but isn't that what all pirates say? He offers his ship as a way to escape the King's men but at what price?

Once a Princess is a charmingly captivating read. The characters are witty and refreshing. The story contains a lot of detail explaining the world in which the reader finds them self surrounded, yet it is fascinating information. Readers will find themselves walking down the roads with the characters and looking around every corner. The story is well paced and full of action, on and off land. Warning, the end is a cliffhanger that will have you begging to know more. Tune in for part two, Twice a Prince, coming in July 08.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted June 20, 2008


Swashbuckling in a magic world—L.A. style!

Sasharia en Garde! book 1.

Sasha’s mother, Sun, was once swept away from a Ren Faire to another world by a prince—literally—but there was no happy ending. Sun’s prince disappeared, and a wicked king took the Khanerenth throne. In the years since, Sasha and Sun have been back on Earth and on the run. Mom and daughter don’t quite see eye to eye on the situation—Sasha wants to stand and fight. Sun insists her prince will return for them one day; it’s safer to stay hidden.

Then Sasha is tricked into crossing the portal to Khanerenth. She’s more than ready to join the resistance, kick some bad-guy butt, and fix the broken kingdom. But…is the stylish pirate Zathdar the bad guy? Or artistic, dreamy Prince Jehan?

Back on Earth, Sun is furious Sasha has been kidnapped. Sun might once have been a rotten princess, but nobody messes with Mom!

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel

Warning: This title contains a kick-butt mother-daughter team, a wicked king, a witty pirate with an unfortunate taste for neon colors, inept resistance fighters, a dreamy prince who gallops earnestly hither and yon, and a kick-butt princess in waiting.

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Once a Princess
(Sasharia en Garde!: Book 1)
by Sherwood Smith

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 17, 2008
ISBN #1605040487
EAN #9781605040486
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