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We begin in Mudflat, Washington where our heroine, Claire, is hiding behind a dumpster in a Seattle alley. Claire is an astrologer who has occasional jobs and a wonderful sense of herself. She is being followed by Darrel Decko who wants her to make star charts for the races, sports games, etc. so that he and his friends (not nice friends, by the way) can become rich. He is very persistent and she is not about to do what he wants.

Claire takes off camping with some friends to avoid Darrell. This is not one of her better ideas since although camping sounds good, Claire is not an outdoors person and she quickly becomes bored with her friends and the whole camping game. She takes off on a search for COFFEE, a shower and a motel. Her sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired and she immediately becomes totally lost. She is wandering around in a stream when a good-looking guy comes up behind her with a knife.

He is dressed somewhat like a barbarian and Claire figures she has wandered into either a Renaissance Faire or Shakespeare Fest. Wrong. Totally wrong. She has actually gone back in time to a land of Tarvik (the knife guy) and his father Korvat. Tarvik tosses her onto his horse (Claire HATES horses!) and takes her to his camp where he finds her food and shelter. The next day he travels back to his home with his guards and Claire in tow.

Claire, now known as Stargazer in Tarvik's time, becomes involved in a palace plot, a Barbariwan hunk who is infatuated with her, too many horses to her liking and a wing-riding priestess. In the end, she does what she must.

Claire, is a very independent heroine on the run from some unsavory characters and heads right into chaos in another time. She leaves her house in the care of the troll living in her basement and goes off in search of peace and quiet, what she finds is anything but. She meets a very ugly ruler, his hunky son, a priestess who flies and a stable hand full of knowledge that may not be exactly what he seems. The cast of supporting characters makes this story a hit.

Since this is the first of a series I can't wait to see what Claire and her band of barbarians are up to next! This may be one of the most unique book titles I have ever run across. What is Tarbaby? You'll just have to read it and see!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted June 18, 2008


When you grow up in Mudflat and have a troll in your basement, magic doesn't come as a total surprise. So when astrologer Claire, on the run from a pair of crooked brothers, stumbles into another world, she's ready to play the role of resident "Stargazer." Especially if it keeps her from losing her head to all those broadswords being swung around by the blond barbarians.

But one really cute warrior might make her lose her head in another way. Can Claire convince Tarvik that she's really just a peace-loving Seattle girl who needs her coffee? And how do you find your way home when there's a war about to break loose in the castle? If Claire and her Tarbaby are going to survive, they need more than a little help from the stars.

Genre: Fantasy Romance

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Tarbaby Trouble
(Mudflat: Book 1)
by Phoebe Matthews

June 1, 2008
Available: June 11, 2008
ISBN #1606011219
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