"Dark Moon Gathering is hot and spicy read"

Mattie is an independent female werewolf in a male dominated culture. She has inherited her father's pack after his and her older brother's deaths. Time is running out though, she must pick a mate to run the pack with. No woman could hold a pack for long. Can she ever find a male that will accept her for the strong person that she is or will she be forced to submit to a purist that will take not only her but every other female in her pack even if they're married.

Anthony is the son of a very well known purest. His father took every step he could against Mattie's father to keep the council from seeing women as much more than property. He always has a small group of females following him and appears in every way to be a purist also. Could looks be that deceiving?

Dark Moon Gathering is a hot and spicy read. The characters are independent and honest. They face the same pressure that most people get from parents and other members of family that push us. The sexual content is exciting and hot, and the story contains some voyeurism. Dark Moon Gathering is a well paced story that is explosive.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted June 14, 2008


As a wolf, she was intoxicated by his scent, his strength and power. As a woman, she was overwhelmed by his passion and his beauty. But as the leader of her werewolf pack in the absence of a surviving alpha male, Mattie Bainbridge was required to select a mate at the next Dark Moon Gathering, and Anthony Ricci was just too risky a choice. Might he follow in his Purist father's footsteps and force his domination upon all the females of her pack? Or would he mate with her alone, and respect the ways of her pack? Anthony was determined to convince Mattie to choose him...and when it came to seduction, he had a limitless bag of tricks.

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Dark Moon Gathering
by Alison Paige

Harlequin (Spice)
March 1, 2008
Available: March 1, 2008
ISBN #1426812094
EAN #9781426812095
70 pages
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