"a winning science fiction love story"

Kiryn Encardi is the daughter of the infamous space pirate Captain Niall Encardi, betrayed and killed by soldiers of the government that once asked for his help. Now a pirate captain in her own right, she seizes the ship called Stellar Peace, bearing a diplomatic team including Darrak Cain, a charming and intellectual envoy from a backwater world.

Cain has sought out the pirate captain as an ally to help secure the civilized world, but finds himself intrigued by this powerful woman, while she becomes fascinated with the handsome and resourceful scholar. Can two people from opposite worlds find love in each other's arms?

This was a sweet love story, rich in world-building detail and science fiction adventure. Kiryn has been so intent on living up to her father's legacy that she has neglected her physical needs, while Darrak is constantly buried in his books and has always been treated as old before his time. Thus, despite their differences, for both characters their relationship is one of exploration and learning to trust. Like their personalities, Kiryn's and Darrak's skills are complementary, and it's nice to read a romance for once in which the hero relies upon his brains more than his brawn. Overall, this was a winning science fiction love story, with a strong heroine and plenty of thrills.

Reviewed by Kimberly Bea
Posted June 6, 2008


As Darrak Cain stood on the bridge of the starship christened Stellar Peace, he considered the irony that the pirate crew that had effectively blockaded Sorendaal from the rest of the universe was high on the list of preferred allies in this battle to hold civilization together.

Kiryn Encardi saw no irony in it. What did it matter if galactic civilization and the government of the Central Allied Worlds shredded a little more every day, and the soldiers in the attacking ships had been rebels? The government had provided those weapons and trained those soldiers and failed to keep its vaunted control over the far-flung colonies throughout the galaxy.

Length: Novella
Sensuality: Sweet

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The Pirate and the Professor
(Damsels of Distress: Book 3)
by Michelle Levigne

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2008
Available: April 1, 2008
ISBN #1603941762
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