"Seductions Bite is a thrilling and seductive ride"

Cheyenne Logan lost her daughter, husband, and brother to vampires and is now determined to not rest until the last one is gone from the planet. Every night she stalks the undead, waiting until they are weaker so that she can stake them and see the ash that they become. During the day she gives lectures on whether myths are fact or fiction when it comes to vampires. It was at one of these lectures that she first lays eyes on him. The man that is to old to be a college student and without a doubt not with the goth groups that are her normal following. What could he possibly want from her.

Kieran is a vampire that hunts rogue vampires, vampires that give in to the blood lust. He works with the Order to save humans and vampires alike. Convinced that his own soul has been damned, he works to spare others the same fate. When he is contacted about a human vampire slayer that runs videos of her slayings online he immediately knows that she is in danger. He is sent to try and convince her that not all vampires are bad, much like the human race has bad and good. The only question is, will she listen to him or put a stake through his heart?

Seductions Bite is a thrilling and seductive ride. The characters are witty and delightful. The verbal combats between Kieran and Cheyenne are intense and will have you laughing out loud. The story is action packed while dealing with issues of trust and hope. The sex scenes are hot and passionate. This is a story that will have you laughing and falling in love with the characters in no time, definitely worth an afternoons time to read.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted June 6, 2008


A family tragedy turned Cheyenne Logan into a vigilante with a mission: kill every vampire on earth. Kieran Duboix became a vampire against his will centuries ago and, now, he uses his special abilities to help mankind by stopping feral vamps who threaten to expose their existence and kill innocents.

His biggest challenge, however, comes when he's sent to recruit Logan, the knife-wielding hellion. Seducing her to his way of thinking won't be survive. And when a monster from his past targets her, keeping her alive might prove impossible.

Content: Erotic Romance This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, dominance, discipline, and violence.

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Seduction's Bite
by Madison Layle

Cobblestone Press
May 1, 2008
Available: May 5, 2008
ISBN #1600882528
EAN #9781600882524
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