"Touch of Fire is a scorching love affair"

Leda is a full fire mage on a mission. She must find the book, with the power to turn a person of mage into a god, before the fire mage lord or the warlord finds it. The problem with that is the only person that knows where to find the book is a plain folk savage. She must find him and use him to find the book and save her world. What happens though, the savage changes everything and can be the one force she has to depend on.

Greyhawke Tams is a soldier and a treasure hunter. He fought in the huge war between the warlord and the mages. He despises the mages and the way they look down on the plain folk, but the fire witches are the worst. They steal children from their family and brainwash them into following everything the elders tell them too. After a bar fight he finds himself indentured to one such fire witch, a young one that threatens to steal him and his heart.

Touch of Fire is a scorching love affair between two lovers from different worlds. It is a story riddled with battles and haunting characters. Grey and Leda try to balance out each other while balancing their enemies at the same time. Sexual content between the two will sweep you away with their passion. There are mentions of using drugs to calm and rape women. The story is well put together and has a twist at the end readers will enjoy.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted June 2, 2008


Between mage and man lies fire.

Leda has been ordered by the House of Ilia to use her fae gifts to find an alchemist’s bible, no matter what the cost. In a world where technology has been replaced by Elemental magic, this book is more dangerous than any spell or potion.

A ragged scrap of parchment is Leda’s only clue and it leads her to the last man known to have had the book—a savagely handsome ex-soldier turned scavenger. Greyhawke Tams. He’ll serve her needs nicely, in both her quest, and her bed.

The last thing Grey remembers is a bar brawl leaving him flat on his face. When he awakes, his situation hasn’t improved. He’s been bound in service to a contemptuous little fire mage with luscious curves and a deceptively innocent face. Grey’s not fooled—he’s hated the Elementals ever since he lost his younger brother to their brutal rites of passage.

But something about Leda tangles his brain faster than any woman he’s ever known. And soon it becomes clear she needs more than his “services”. A barbarous overlord wants that book and he’s willing to shatter Leda—body and spirit—to get it.

She needs his protection. Whether she wants it or not.

Warning: Sex, sin and sauciness abound. This just in: Virgin butter not only helps nervous young virgins on their wedding night, it makes a damn fine hair liniment too.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel

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Touch of Fire
by Maria Zannini

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2008
Available: May 20, 2008
ISBN #1605040312
EAN #9781605040318
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