"a fun romp through time"

Samantha Hendricks just lost her father unexpectedly to a heart attack. While she felt they had never been close, he left her a very strange inheritance. What in the world is she going to do with a wanted poster, a map, and a bottle of whiskey?

Jesse Kincaid was an outlaw about a hundred and thirty years in the past. He had no idea what to do with the golden haired beauty asleep by the stream. But as sparks ignite between the two, how could they possibly be together?

This was a very romantic novella, sweet and endearing. I enjoyed the way the author brought the two together and wondered how she was going to end her story. I wasn't disappointed. Ms. Scott described the past and the present so well, I had to wonder if she had done a bit of time travel herself. She seemed to know things about the past, like she had been there. Jesse was the consummate hero. I've always dreamed of a man like him. Samantha seemed to be just as messed up as the rest of the women in the twenty first century. I completely identified with her. This book was a fun romp through time. I really enjoyed reading it.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
Posted May 31, 2008


In one deft, effortless move, he lifted her and straddled her over his lap. She suddenly faced him, all without breaking the steaming kiss. Impressive.

What a remarkable difference her new position made. All that gleaming muscle there for the taking and, oh, she took. Her hands roved over his pecs, up his neck, down the ripples of waist to his jeans. They paused at the top button and continued past, over his hips, covering his thighs, ever aware of what she wasn't touching. Yet.

She pressed her hips closer, shocked at her body's readiness to take him in. If she was eager and hot, he was cool. The cowboy cupped her face, ran his fingers into her hair. He kissed her in an intense, drawn-out fashion, slowing her, tempering her fever.

Time in a bottle...

What else could her father leave her? The treasure map, the bottle of whiskey, and the wanted poster shouldn't have surprised Samantha Hendricks. His lifelong obsession with gentleman outlaw Jesse Kincaid was likely all he'd had left. One taste of the whiskey, however, tumbles her through time, into arms so wonderfully real and strong she can only surmise she's gone crazy. Torn between craving a delusion and believing in the impossible, hurtling between the past and present, Samantha returns to Jesse over and over again. No woman can want this man more, and if she's clever enough, she might be able to use her inheritance for what she finally realizes her father intended—true love.

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by Amber Scott

Liquid Silver Books
May 1, 2008
Available: May 14, 2008
ISBN #1595784594
EAN #9781595784599
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