"sweet, erotic, funny, and rife with tension"

Taracut was a great warrior, one who served his king well. He was also completely miserable. Charged by a Scottish Chieftain to return a stolen icon to avoid war, Taracut went on the small quest to the local band of heretics to retrieve the stolen icon.

Noci captured the warlord's attention the moment she stood to protect the wizard he had come to deliver to justice. Her white hair and translucent skin entranced him. But he knew he could not trust this rag tag band of thieves. Noci had foreseen the warrior in a vision, but was it a vision of love or a vision of torture?

This book was sweet, erotic, funny, and rife with tension. You can't help but feel bad for the proud warrior as he tries to return the icon to the Scottish Chieftain, and Noci doesn't make his quest easy. Ms. Trent incorporates a modern thread throughout this historical tale, and the two blended well together. The ending of the book comes quickly but did not disappoint me. I identified with the heroine of this book, and could feel her frustration as if it were my own. I definitely recommend this book.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
Posted May 31, 2008


In an age of brutality, a Scottish clan imprisons Noci behind the bars of an animal cage. Only one man can save her now--

Taracut "the Gelded", the unfeeling overlord of Northumbria. The fierce warrior draws breath only to serve his king, and his impenetrable heart beats only for duty.

Although a vision warns Noci that Taracut is numb to all emotion, even lust, she offers the overlord the use--and abuse--of her naked and chained body in exchange for her freedom. The bargain: satisfy Taracut's dark urges, all his depraved desires, and she will live; fail to submit to him, and the self-righteous bastard will condemn her to a fiery death at the pyre.

A sweet kiss seals the bargain, and so the bitter battle for the overlord's soul begins. Tricking him with games of seduction, teasing him with a purring acquiescence to his every punishing demand, tempting him with wanton acts of perversion, Noci introduces the warrior to the full spectrum of feelings, from passion to...betrayal.

And when her treachery is discovered, the enraged Taracut exacts a terrible retribution for her deception. The fierce warrior will force Noci--his sweet pet, his enthusiastic whore, his secret obsession--to crave him as much as he craves her.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including birching, chain bondage, encagement), fisting, exhibition/public sex, masturbation with accoutrement, MFM interaction, penetration with dubious consent, violence, voyeurism.

Genre: BDSM Historical Paranormal
Length: Novel

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by Louisa Trent

Loose Id
April 1, 2008
Available: April 29, 2008
ISBN #1596326840
EAN #9781596326842
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