"a fun and sexy paranormal read"

Astra Q. Phelps is a Tweener, one of many part devil, part angel non-humans brought in by the Creator to act on behalf of the good guys against the Dark side. Tweeners, due to their devil heritage, innately know how to destroy the forces of evil, and Astra herself runs the Angel network, specializing in vanquishing both demons and devils. She also appears to be the destined partner of Prince Dialle, who may be the prophesied great unifier of dark and light.

Now, however, the kingdom of Dialle's father (confusingly also named Dialle) is put at risk by a conspiracy of demons. Chafing at the rule of the devil princes, the demons are rebelling with the aid of the witches, planning to establish their own independent court. When King Dialle disappears, Astra recognizes the magical signature of her own parents, and learns that her own father is under suspicion of being a dark angel. Astra is forced to spy on her own father to clear his name; along the way, she learns some uncomfortable family secrets, is summoned for the first time by the Big Guy himself, and finds herself torn between her desire for the demon prince, and her newly gorgeous partner, Emo.

This book is the sequel to 'Tween Heaven and Hell, but the plot stands up quite well on its own. The story is full of humor, action, and of course sex: the chemistry between Astra and Dialle is quite hot. The writing reminded me of both Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison, though Cheever doesn't yet have the knack of inserting hot sex scenes without slowing down the plot. Astra makes a terrific narrator, witty and self-deprecating despite her mystical abilities, and her interactions with not just Dialle, but supporting characters such as Death Detective Raoul and her guardian angel Myra are quite fun to read. Over all, those looking for a fun and sexy paranormal read would do well to give Astra's adventures a shot.

Reviewed by Kimberly Bea
Posted May 30, 2008


Standalone sequel to 'Tween Heaven and Hell.

Astra Q Phelps and her Royal Devil, Prince Dialle, must navigate a demon uprising that is rumored to have been instigated by the local Witches' coven. The demons are demanding to be released from service to the Royals so they can have a seat on the Dark Council. When Dialle's father, the king, disappears from his chambers and Astra recognizes the magic signature that's left behind as her parents', she realizes her family has more to do with the unsettling events than she would have hoped. Then a very powerful angel and lifelong friend of the Phelps family tells Astra that her father is under suspicion of being a dark angel and Astra is forced to spy on her own father to try to clear him. It's a whole mess of trouble for one little Tweener to sort through, but Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.

Genre: Romance - Fantasy
Book Length: Super Plus Novel

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`Tween a Devil and His Hard Place
by Sam Cheever

Cerridwen Press
April 1, 2008
Available: April 24, 2008
ISBN #1419916777
EAN #9781419916779
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