"a paranormal mystery that hits the spot"

Gabriel Blackstone is a hacker, who has a very special gift. Gabriel can go into a trance and see through someone else's eyes, sometimes in the past and sometimes in the present. Gabriel hasn't used his gift in a very long time, because the kidnapping case he was trying to help solve ended very badly. Then, Frankie, a former lover, asks Gabriel to help find her missing stepson. Gabriel's investigation leads him to suspect one of the Monk sisters, Morrighan or Minnaloushe, of murdering Frankie's stepson. The Monk sisters, who are solar witches obsessed with the art of memory, begin courting Gabriel in hopes of using him in their magic.

SEASON OF THE WITCH is a paranormal book with romantic elements and a horror genre feel. Gabriel is not a usual hero-- he is a very flawed human, who seems very fickle in his romantic attachments. There is an air of mystery and creepiness which pervades the story, and the ending is a surprise. THE SEASON OF THE WITCH is not for the reader looking for a normal romance ending. On the other hand, the reader, who loves horror and doesn't mind a bittersweet ending, will find this book hits the spot.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted May 30, 2008


The Matrix meets Interview with the Vampire in this sexy gothic thriller about two beautiful witch sisters and the love triangle that consumes the information thief who is drawn into their intrigues.

Season of the Witch tells the story of Gabriel Blackstone: hacker, information thief, and skilled "remote viewer." Asked by a former lover to investigate the disappearance of her stepson, Gabriel's suspicions fall on Minnaloushe and Morrighan Monk, two beautiful sisters who live in a rambling Victorian house in London. Independently wealthy, the sisters spend their time dabbling in alchemy and the ancient Art of Memory—invented by the Greeks and used by alchemists and magi such as Giordano Bruno and Leonardo Da Vinci. The sisters are white, or "solar," witches, who aim to use alchemy not to turn lead into gold but to attain ultimate knowledge and therefore ultimate power. Gabriel soon becomes convinced that his client's son had been murdered and that one of the women is the killer. But which one?

As Gabriel infiltrates the world of the sisters, he finds himself drawn inexorably deeper— becoming entranced even as he realizes that he is in mortal danger. When he is caught snooping, Gabriel must race to unlock their secrets before they can retaliate. To save himself— and the one he loves, presuming she is not guilty—Gabriel will have to fight one of the sisters within the landscape of her own mind.


Season of the Witch
by Natasha Mostert

March 1, 2008
Available: March 4, 2008
ISBN #0451223357
EAN #9780451223357
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