"Once again, Gena Showalter's talent comes through!"

When we last left our immortal warriors, the curse was broken on Reyes, Lucien and Maddox, who no longer has to die each and every night—thanks to Anya, goddess of Anarchy. Maddox and Ashlyn are now happily together, much to the disgust of the other warriors. Aeron is filled with bloodlust since he has not done as Titan—now the top dog in the world of gods—has ordered him to by killing Danika and her family. Aeron has been locked in the dungeon for safekeeping. Torin—keeper of Disease—is still recovering from having the Hunter slash his throat, which created a bit of an epidemic and killed off the Hunters in the area. The other warriors have all come to the castle now. All of the immortal warriors have decided they will now destroy Pandora 's Box so they don't have to worry about the Hunters killing them all and their immortality will be assured.

As we pick up our story, Anya has found herself very, very attracted to Lucien—keeper of Death. Even though the smell of roses on any other man would be weird, on Lucien, it smells delicious. And Anya wants him. Badly. She's become so obsessed with him, she's been following him everywhere he goes—invisible of course, so Titan won't find her. Even when he's delivered souls to Heaven or Hell, Anya has followed him. Thanks to Anya, the warriors know about the two temples rising out of the sea in Greece and Rome and have decided to start their search for the box there. One group will go to Greece and the other Rome, with three warriors remaining in the castle—Reyes, in the dungeon, Torin, still recuperating and Maddox with Ashlyn. On the night before they leave, they've decided to have a party, to which Anya has invited herself. Not surprisingly, her goal is to seduce Lucien. Also not surprisingly, he proves difficult. When she finally manages to get him outside in an alley and they kiss, she has to flash because she can sense Titan's approach.

When Anya flashes, Lucien wonders why she left, until Titan appears. Lucien is more than unhappy with his orders from Titan—kill Anya. He starts to argue with Titan to no avail. The only thing the arguing does is irritate Titan and the god threatens everyone Lucien loves. So Lucien decides to take care of the matter sooner rather than later to spare Anya. Of course, he's shocked when Anya not only doesn't give in, but fights back and manages to surprise him. Eventually, Lucien gives up flashing after Anya and they go to the respective temples, only to find Hunters already there—thanks to Anya's warning. Everywhere Lucien goes, Anya finds him and entices him. With his scarred appearance, he can't believe she really wants him.

Will he eventually give in to Anya? Why does Titan want Anya dead so badly? Will Aeron escape the dungeon and go after Danika? Will Reyes be able to Danika safe from Aeron in full-blown bloodlust? Exactly what secrets is Anya hiding?

THE DARKEST KISS: LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD is a story of love and trust. Once again, Gena Showalter proves her ability to fill a story of love and danger and humor along the way. Have to admit, I loved it when Anya shoved Lucien into the Arctic Ocean. Anya is the woman we all wish we were—smart, beautiful, a fantastic fighter and able to think on her feet. But she is a woman, and one cursed with a fate worse than death to her. She has grown up being reviled due to her mother and has had to deal with that. And at the end, she is forced to ask herself if she will sacrifice herself for true love. After Lucien lost the woman he loved, he intentionally scarred himself so no woman could possibly want him. So when Anya shows an interest in him, he can't understand why. All I can say about this series is MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 29, 2008


**A PNR Recommended Read**

He is Death, destined to be her executioner.

Ordered by the gods to escort the tempestuous Anya’s soul to hell, Lucien is an immortal warrior torn between duty and desire. For Anya sparks the flames of passion inside him as no one else ever has.

She is Anarchy, as beautiful as she is deadly.

There is nothing Anya wants more than to be Lucien’s lover. His half-hearted attempts to kill her are exhilarating. His kisses – electrifying.

They should have been enemies but they become allies, traveling the world to find and destroy an ancient relic of the gods before it can be used against him -- separating them for eternity.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

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The Darkest Kiss
(Lords of the Underworld: Book 2)
by Gena Showalter

June 1, 2008
Available: June 1, 2008
ISBN #0373772327
EAN #9780373772322
384 pages
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