"Well done, Ms. Hasker!"

One evening while the coven is practicing their magick on the beach, something goes wrong and all the ladies find themselves knocked down. Candace wakes to hear a voice calling her "sweetheart" and lips within kissing range -- the lips of the handsome cowboy who owns the bakery in town. Brody, as he is called, offers her a job if she gives up her magick. Not being altogether there, Candace agrees to see him in the morning.

But chemistry still works and Candace and Brody soon find themselves more than boss and co-worker. But trouble brews. Candace didn't understand she was to give up her magick and Brody becomes super protective. Does he have good reason? Will she change to please him? Is good sex worth changing everything?

This was a really cute story. I loved Candace and her coven and would let Brody keep me company anytime. The coworkers at the bakery, Paula, Derek, Becky and Shawn provide additional support characters with great dialogue and teasing. The coven sisters give an added dimension, each having their own place. I can't wait to read about Tamara, Camryn, Sandra, Macy and Allison.

Well done, Ms. Hasker!

Reviewed by Jan Crow
Posted May 24, 2008


When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven, and things start to go terribly wrong for everyone. Candace wakes on the beach staring at the man of her dreams. The problem? He hates witches and thinks that if he can convince her to give up her magic, the world would be a safer place. Too bad shes so hot for him its hard to keep her hands to herself.

Genre: Torrid Romance Paranormal
Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit

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(Witchy Woes: Book 2)
by Michelle Hasker

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
April 1, 2008
Available: April 24, 2008
ISBN #1603131795
EAN #9781603131797
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