" exciting addition to the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series."

Book 4 in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series.

Bo Broussard and Sam Raintree are alone at last. After months of excitement, terror and injury Sam is reveling in the freedom of having his workaholic lover to himself. But after one blissful week together Bo discovers the rest of his team will be investigating at nearby Fort Medina and to Sam's disappointment he invites them to join them at their beach side retreat. Bo promises Sam that he won't get involved but knowing his lover almost as well as he knows himself, Sam knows Bo won't be able to resist and resigns himself to the loss of their peace.

As predicted within the first 24 hours Bo is happily embroiled in the events surrounding the 17th century property. But as the investigation proceeds Bo's behaviour begins to change. He becomes an aggressive, secretive stranger whom Sam barely recognises. By the time Sam convinces Bo that something is wrong it may already be too late to save him.

CLOSER is an exciting addition to the BCPI series, from the first chapter I was sucked in by Ally Blue's usual strong characterisation and descriptive turn of phrase. The storyline itself is thrilling and at times very dark, keeping me glued to my screen until the end. I love that the author doesn't make these men or their partnership perfect - they each have fears and faults which they have to adjust to in order to make it work. In CLOSER we see Sam and Bo's relationship tested once again by events surrounding both their work and their personal lives and strengthened by it. It was also fun to see the changes in the rest of the team as they move past the events from previous stories and get on with their lives. I for one can't wait to see Dean and Andre find their own happy ever afters. Each book in this series has provided a strong storyline weaving together plot threads and answering some questions while leaving just enough for me to be desperate for the next book in the series.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted May 24, 2008


Dreams donít always come true. But sometimes nightmares do.

Book Four in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series.

After nine months of tumult, Sam Raintree is ready for some peace and quiet. A beach vacation with his boss and lover, Dr. Bo Broussard, promises to provide the serenity and reconnection they both need. Boís business and his children command a good deal of his time, and Sam is looking forward to two weeks of his loverís undivided attention.

Then a new case for the Bay City Paranormal Investigations team puts a crimp in Samís plans. Fort Medina, a seventeenth-century citadel guarding the mouth of Mobile Bay, is less than five miles from their vacation beach house. Bo invites the group to stay with them while investigating the place, promising Sam he wonít get involved. But Sam knows better. Sure enough, Bo canít resist joining the investigation, and talks Sam into doing the same.

Events take an alarming turn as Boís behavior becomes more erratic each day. Puzzled and frightened, Sam scrambles for an explanation while the man he loves turns into a volatile and unpredictable stranger.

When the truth comes out, it may already be too late to save Bo from a force neither of them can control.

Warning: This book contains explicit male/male sex (including spanking and rimming), graphic language, violence, ghosts and monsters.

Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance
Length: Novel

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(Bay City Paranormal Investigation: Book 4)
by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2008
Available: May 20, 2008
ISBN #1599989484
EAN #9781599989488
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