"a scorching love affair"

Jamie is a determined man, determined to be left alone. He lives on the side of a mountain alone and that's exactly the way he wants it. Well that's what he thought anyway. Then a plane crash in his territory threatens to ruin and save him at the same time. The moment he lays eyes on Allison he knows he must keep her with him forever. When unexpected forces drag Jamie into a world he left long ago it threatens to drown him in his past.

Allison Groves is a Federal Agent determined to reach the top of her career ladder. When the plane she's in crashes she is rendered unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself in a small cabin with an impossibly gorgeous man that claims to be her husband.

Wyndsheer is a moderately paced book that explores what happens when a paranormal being crosses into the life of non paranormal beings. The characters are well developed, and easy to follow. The realtionship between Jamie and Allison is hot! Sexual content ranges from loving and gentle to mentions of rape.

Wyndsheer is a scorching love affair between a lycant and a human. It wreaks havoc on your senses as well as the people involved in the story.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted May 24, 2008


Jamie MacGivern is not like other men. He is a Lycant, a genetically engineered super human with wolf-like abilities and killer instincts. A loner, he makes his home high in the rugged Pionós Mountains where the locals from the closest village stay out of his way.

When the plane carrying Federal Agent Allison Groves and the prisoner she was transporting crashed in the mountains near Jamie's hunting ground, she is the only survivor. Waking up in a strange underground cabin, she has no idea who she is or the identity of the handsome man lying beside her. When he tells her he is her husband, she has no choice but to believe him.

Having rescued the beautiful woman he now considers his own, Jamie will do everything in his power to keep her.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: Carnal. Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, violence

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by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2008
Available: April 29, 2008
ISBN #1603941428
EAN #9781603941426
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