"combines the best of the gothic and noir genres"

Markhat is a Finder, a locater of missing sons and fathers in a world full of hexes, vampires, and trolls. His usual quarry is not dead, so when the wealthy widow Merlat tells him her dead husband Ebed has been walking the grounds, he is skeptical, and only the urgings of the card-reading Mama Hog can persuade him to take the case. He finds that the Merlat household is full of secrets, and that the widow may be in greater danger than she knows.

This brief urban fantasy combines the best of the gothic and noir genres, and introduces a world I want to spend more time in. Markhat is an intriguing character whom Harry Dresden fans in particular will enjoy, and whose background I'd love to learn more about (especially his relationship with Petey the dog). While the ending came as no surprise, the story itself has lots of spooky atmosphere, the perfect tale to curl up with on a stormy night.

Reviewed by Kimberly Bea
Posted May 15, 2008


Can a haunted man help the dead find peace?

Markhat is a Finder, charged with the post-war task of tracking down sons and fathers gone suddenly missing when an outbreak of peace left the army abandoned where they stood. But now its ten years on after the war, and about all hes finding is trouble.

This time, trouble comes in the form of a rich widow with a problem. Her dearly departed husband, Ebed Merlat, keeps ambling back from the grave for nocturnal visits. Markhat saw a lot of during the war, but hes never seen anyone, rich or poor, rise from the grave and go tromping around the landscape. But for the right price, hes willing to look into it.

As a storm gathers and night falls, Markhat finds darker things than even murder lurk amid the shadows of House Merlat.


Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy-SciFi
Length: Novella

Warning: this title is rife with the walking dead, sarcastic butlers, barking dogs and ghostly dances.

This book has been previously published.

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Dead Man's Rain
(Markhat: Book 1)
by Frank Tuttle

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 6, 2008
ISBN #1605040339
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