"a well written and fast paced story"

Lyra has spent her entire life fighting to not be a man's possession. She left her family to become a Lady Prince. A title, given to very few, that allows a woman to have the same rights as a man. While on a quest to smuggle other women to freedom she meets the one thing that take that title away.

Daene is known to be a murderous thief. He is on a quest of his own, for revenge. A quest that crosses paths with the only Lady Prince and he needs a favor. This presents a challenge that the mysterious beast inside him didn't expect and can't resist.

The Lady Prince is a well written and fast paced story. The characters are well developed and easy to follow. The verbal jousting between the two main, and at times, minor characters was entertaining. Interaction between two world weary leading roles with one seemingly naive girl, who has secrets of her own, can be touching and funny in places.

Most of the story takes place in a world where men are dominate and cruel, and women no better than slaves or pets yet I found that most of the sexual content was sweet yet passionate. Though there was some reference to cruelty and rape. This is a well paced, sweet, and passionate story that is well worth an afternoon of reading.

Reviewed by Amy Parker
Posted May 13, 2008


Born into a society where women are possessions, Lyra refuses to become property to any man. She defies all odds and survives the trials for becoming a Lady Prince, a title that gives her the same rankings and privilege as a man. Intent on helping other women seek the same status, she often risks her life to give them freedom.

On one fateful night, a betrayal puts her in the precarious position of losing her freedom and identity forever. Lyra has but one chance at hope, which lies in the hands of Daene, a handsome and notorious thief and whispered murderer.

He has but one stipulation, which Lyra finds both rebellious and tempting…

Genre: Fantasy Romance

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The Lady Prince
by Toni L. Meilleur

Siren Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 23, 2008
ISBN #1606010530
EAN #9781606010532
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