"a great action filled love story"

Vampire Hunter Minx Rodriguez decides to take off on her own, leaving her crew behind, to go her Grandparent's home in Mexico to celebrate the holiday El Dia de los Muertos. On the way there, she decides to get some hunting in and has a dangerous run-in with a long time foe, Perdue. She's lucky to escape and continues on her journey. Shaken by the run-in with the vampire who tortured her and killed her family, she tends to her wounds and counts herself lucky to be alive. She also wants to take him down even more now, but needs to honor her family first.

Conner Bell, who is in love with Minx, returns home from the counsel business he took off on without telling Minx, to find her gone. He, along with some members of their crew, race to Mexico to find her and to try work things out between them. As they attempt to work out their issues the threat of Perdue being in the area is on everyone's mind amidst preparing for the Celebration for the Dead.

A feast is made for the celebration, and planning is made to take down Perdue once and for all, but are Minx and Connor ready to face everything that it will take to survive?

This was a great read! Minx and Connor make for a great couple with very real issues to work through, and add to that, the fact that he's a vampire and she's a vampire hunter! He is one of the good vampires, an Oathkeeper, and the evil vampires they hunt are Oathbreaker's, but it still made for some great tension and a whole lot of hot, steamy sex. I have to admit that it got a bit warm in the room for some scenes, and I was rooting for them all the way, when I wasn't drooling over the great descriptions of Mexican food! If you're in the mood for a great action filled love story about two people who belong together, and face a huge crisis, then this is the book for you!

Reviewed by Judi Szabo
Posted May 7, 2008


Witches Knot 5

Vampire Hunter Minx Rodriguez decides to mix a little business with pleasure when she heads to Mexico to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos. She's hot on the trail of the vampire who not only took her hostage and tortured her but also killed her friends and family.

Connor Bell finds himself in love with a Vampire Hunter who's skipped town without noticeómuch like he did to her just two weeks before. He heads to Mexico to find her and make things right.

Even as they work through their problems and plan a feast to celebrate the lives of those they've lost to the Oathbreakers, the threat remains. A Hunter's job is never done and there's a job to do in Mexico. The question remains as to whether Minx and Connor can survive what'll be asked of them both.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Vampire
Book Length: Short Novel

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Celebration for the Dead
(Witches Knot: Book 5)
by Lauren Dane

Ellora's Cave
April 1, 2008
Available: April 4, 2008
ISBN #1419915819
EAN #9781419915819
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