"Intelligent, Captivating, and Romantic"

Descended from a long line of "Seers", Lauren Reay travels to Scotland, compelled by nightmares of Black Ness Tower. She soon discovers that she is not the only one the Tower has summoned. Every one is astonished at her likeness to the portraits hanging in the Tower. She's a dead ringer to her great great grandmother who, in turn, shared a likeness with her own past relative who legend said was a sorceress.

Three women span the lacework of time with the same face and the same mystical call to heal that which has been wronged by betrayal, death, and powers unearthly. Blackness Tower is shrouded in mystery and like all good mysteries, the more Lauren unearths, the more wrinkled and folded the landscape appears. But hand in hand with the Tower's newest owner, also called to this time and place, Lauren sets out to unravel the mystery of her ancestors' untimely deaths and just what it is that has left the Tower wounded.

Because of her likeness to the portrait, Lauren begins to suspect that she has been manipulated by people who want to use her Gift of Sight for their own purposes. Or is she being manipulated by Time itself?

Lillian Stewart Carl's writing is at once intelligent, captivating, and romantic, caressed by light fingers of poetic description. In no way am I going to give anything away about the mystery itself except to say that I pride myself on usually being able to figure them out. This one kept me intrigued and guessing until the end. In fact, she had so many clues and details involving the present and not one, but two time lines from the past, I was a little worried that Carl wouldn't be able to pull off a satisfying ending. But I worried for nothing, because the ending blew me away.

Blackness Tower is definitely a keeper, a book meaty enough to inspire hours and hours of discussion for the most tenacious book club.

reviewed by: Clover Autrey, author

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted April 30, 2008


Blackness Tower: an enigma at the edge of this world, looking over the sea to the next. Drawing lonely, haunted souls to its ancient riddles, all seeking their own answers among its stones.

Ewan Calder is an archaeologist looking for a galleon from the Spanish Armada, one rumored to have wrecked on the rugged Scottish coast.

Magnus Anderson is a television presenter looking for proof of the paranormal.

David Sutherland is an ex-soldier looking for restoration not only of Blackness Tower, but of his own life

Lauren Reay is looking for answers about her family's mysterious past-and about her own compelling dreams. Dreams can't hurt you, she thinks. Neither can her ancestors. The past is past.

Or is it? It is Lauren's past, her presence, the shape of her face, the depths of her spirit, that will open the secret at the heart of Blackness Tower.

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Blackness Tower
by Lillian Stewart Carl

Wildside Press (Juno)
May 1, 2008
Available: May 1, 2008
ISBN #0809572028
EAN #9780809572021
240 pages
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